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Codemonkey has evolved into Administrator

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Codemonkey has evolved into Administrator

    • Sgt. Dutch

      Greetings Comrades!
      It is with great pleasure that I’m here to tell you that Engineer Airhead will now be my fellow Administrator for Toy Soldiers Unite.

      Over the past few years he’s demonstrated time and again his devotion to the Army of Toy Soldiers, and his ability for handling the technical aspects of maintaining our Digital Bunker. It is thanks to him that we have the Toy Soldier Map, our current Division system, and the ID Generator. As well as starting what would become the Gaming Mammoth, which has raised thousands for charity with the aid of all of you.

      Engineer Airhead will continue to provide technical support and wield his Wrench of Wrecking (+3 Maintenance) when the Quantum Virtual Reality Enabler Server System acts up, as well as co-ordinate with the codemonkeys any issues that may arise alongside myself.

      I’m going to be changing my own approach, and focus on the fictional elements of the site, the lore and mythos, though I’m currently taking a short sabbatical. All legal matters remain under my purview because paperwork is still my bag.

      Between Engineer Airhead and myself, I hope we can continue to lead the Army of Toy Soldiers onward to a Utopian Playland, engineering realities, and inspiring others to continue their passions and pursuits of happiness and creativity.

      Also, I want to thank the Codemonkeys (the affectionate name for Moderators), Reverend Geoff, Brigadier Iron Davis, Lt. Sophie, Trigo and SilentAddle. They provide support to the Army, answer questions, maintain the chaos of the Discord server and facebook, and are a great source of inspiration to myself. The Codemonkeys are my first port of call to discover what the latest goings on are in the Army and proven themselves invaluable.

      So, thank you to Administrator Engineer Airhead (we’ll work on the title), and the Codemonkeys!

      Airhead, you’ve been officially Administratively Assimilated borg_assimilation_faces_gif

    • Lt. Sophie

      Congrats on the promotion, Airhead. fest30_gif

    • Engineer Airhead

      Thank you very much :3

    • Dr. Malice

      Congratulations, Administreer Airhead!borg_assimilation_faces_gif

    • Silent Addle

      Congratulations to Airhead!

      In your honour I raise a drink.

    • Geoff Nicholson

      *tosses pokeball to catch rare Administrator*
      Administrator has used banhammer, it’s supereffectivevery_first_smiley_gif

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