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Chicago Noire

    • So I love the game L.A. Noire. I’ve played through it countless times. And I hope Rockstar games makes a some kind of sequel. I want to start a letter writing campaign to hopefully get them to make a sequel set in Chicago. This can also be a writing challenge for those of you who like to write. Write a short case that takes place in the 1920’s through the 1950’s. Post your stories here and e-mail them along with a message stating you want a Chicago Noire game to Rockstar at


      Happy writing everyone.

    • Captain Dermut

      Great game and great idea…. but… I don’t see this happening. I don’t know how true this is but the source was kinda reliable so…, but there was some copywrite thing going on with that game. Basically the studio who made it still owns the technology that went into the game while 2k Owns the name and publishing rights, and the two don’t get along anymore. There was some upset, underwear bunched up and the two sides aren’t working with each other anymore. I’m a bit hazy on the details, it’s been a while since I got the info, but no doubt it could still be found with a little searching on the web. Just google “why no LA noir 2” and I’ll bet you find it.


      Also, I doubt that bombarding them with unwanted material might not be the way to go… Maybe start with a petition? (after finding out more about how that situation actually is with that game given the info I vaguely remembered above)


      Sorry to sadden you with this post. I would have liked a part 2 too.

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