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    • Sgt. Dutch

      For those that don’t know, Lillium, Raptor and myself have one habit that we share in common.

      We’re suckers for data and information. By the oodles. Especially when it comes to survival, emergency preparedness, and recovery.

      This actually started for me long before the Army of Toy Soldiers, when I discovered CD3WD, CD’s for the Third World. 16GB of microfiche documents on agriculture, construction, manufacturing, medical, financial, and a farming.

      It’s what is sometimes called a Civilization Seed. All the information required to set up a small village to a large town, and perhaps even bigger.

      So I figured, it’s been a few years, let’s go back and see if they added anything.



      A whole crap load of information added, including preschool/highschool education material and videos, and so frigging much more.

      So, here’s the link:

      Obviously, use the torrents, keep them seeded.

    • Raptor

      I need a new hard drive for this….

    • Emma Wilson

      Please can you share more info about this?

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