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Broken Gears : A Toy Soldier Story

  • Lt. Nomad

    Hello everyone!, Although you might not know me (Or really care to) I still figured Id make a little post for those interested. I am writing a story for the TSU about how a new generation of Toy Soldiers is born. It is a fantasy story that is in the future. I do this because thair are things from the past that nead to be within this story to truly make it just that much more special. If you want to be in the story feel free to message me and Ill ad ya! :). So if you have any questions about the story please message me and I’ll respond. I have many big plans for the TSU, And although im just a Soldier I am dedicated to helping this cause grow and Build a Utopian Playland.

    Sincerely- Lt. Nomad

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