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Blue Doo Dah March Fourth!

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Blue Doo Dah March Fourth!

    • The Sky Marshal, YJ

      What could be better than marching in what’s been called the best parade in America? Having that parade call US a favorite entry! Let’s go have some kick-ass fun again!

      Where: Colorado Blvd in Old Pasadena, CA.
      When: April 27 (not March 4th!) at 10:00 am.

      Details to follow. Let’s use this thread to come up with some awesome ideas!

    • I posted some name ideas on the Facebook page. It looks like the name is set though, so…

      I am planning on being there. I missed this last years for the first time and that bummed me out.

      Right now, I’m looking at silver round mylar balloons (to have the robot mascot face drawn or painted on, or even black electrical tape may work.)
      Portable helium tanks are pretty reasonable, but I know that there has been a serious shortage of helium here lately, so hopefully someone higher up will stop pumping for oil and start looking for more helium.
      Anyways, that’s plan number one.

      Idea-errr two: It would be neat it we could make a target board for parade watchers to aim their shmallows and torts at, rather than trying to hit us… Something like a walking Carnival Game, of course someone would have to wear it if it were a sandwich board style sign board, but it wouldn’t be too hard to make. Maybe something with a target and a big hole in the middle with perhaps a spinning robot head that flaps around or something. Also said board holder could have another little sign to hold up that says “YOU MISSED ME!” to really egg them on. Sort of the dunk tank guy heckling the ball thrower!

      Idea numero three-o… well I don’t have that yet, but the mind is always cranking, always working… I should come up with some more shortly.

    • Seargent Smiles

      hm, maybe ill join this! still need the patches and some uniform pieces, as im new, but i would love to join!

    • The Sky Marshal, YJ

      People will be bringing extra patches we can pin on the clothing of those without patches.

      Important Details:

      • The Parade kicks off at 11am. Check-in is from 8am to 10am. Be there NO LATER THAN 10am! The staging area is on Nina Street between Altadena Drive and Vinedo (just one block north of Colorado Boulevard).
      • The Toy Soldiers are meeting at the Denny’s on Colorado Blvd. just prior to check-in, about 7 – 7:30am, as is our tradition.
      • Be sure to bring your $10 entry fee!
      • Bring lots of propaganda, and anything else you might have made (signs, etc.) that would be helpful. You may be asked to carry a sign or help carry the banner in front of our group.
      • When you arrive, contact either myself or Nolin and present your entry fee. Whichever one of us gets there first will fill out our entry paperwork, submit the entry fees and get stickers for everyone to put on your uniform (identifying you as a marcher).
      • After the parade, it has become our tradition to invade Little Tokyo in downtown Los Angeles for sushi. It’s likely we’ll be doing that again this year.
      • If you have any questions, ask me, Nolin Vultris or techiefIve.


    • The Sky Marshal, YJ

      We will be marching in honor of the late, great Professor Jimmy Blue, who passed on Thursday. His sister will be marching in his stead, and we will be wearing blue armbands.

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