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Blood Bowl

    • Are there any Blood Bowl players out there?


      I used to be a fond fan of the ugly game and racked up many epic victories and truly craven defeats with my old Skaven and Undead teams.All teary eyed with nostalgia I noticed that Blood Bowl Chaos Edition was in the Steam sale for less than a trio of ciders so I went for it. Happy? You bet I was! All my nostalgia came back in a wave, but a lot has changed. Playing in classic mode to keep it with the board game rules (even downloading the living rule book for an overview of the new skills and races) I set to with a new team of Norsemen! It’s like playing dwarves without the issues of being painfully slow and clumsy. Huzzah! thought I.

      Not for long. Being utterly trounced by the High Elves had me grinding teeth and turning the air blue in no time flat. I remember you Blood Bowl. I remember your cruelty….


      With all that said, has anybody else picked up the game and fancies some multiplayer. I am based in the UK so time zones will need to be taken into account, but outside of that I am more than willing to even arrange a league if enough people are willing. Reply with Steam ID’s and we can hook up from there.

    • Pvt Morglum

      i love blood bowl, the classic table top board game though.

      i purchased the original blood bowl pc game when it came out and soon discovered how it cheated the dice rolls to make it hard, or artificially increased the levels of some enemy players during the game. tragic really. dont know why they just didnt leave the dice rolls to chance like in real life, but as they didnt spend any time with the a.i they had to make it had somewhere i guess.


      i too thought about buying the new chaos edition but checked online to see if they old cheats of the system were still in place, sadly the biggest complaint about the game that i found was indeed the lying dice rolls, so sad.

      i might be up for a little online play though, hopefully the game cant cheat when itys human v human. get my old chaos team back together, the tzeentch flames!



    • Captain Dermut

      I used to have a killer ork team for the board game, especially when the old dirty trick deck got into play. Mwhahahahaha. Good times. Unfortunately the mini’s have barely been out the box this last decade.

      If we’re setting up a league here for the virtual game, I might just be persuaded to look into it, must be on the cheap by now.

    • Kraken

      I still have my good ol’ orc team kicking around somewhere. Never won a game in their careers, never even drew to my knowledge, but I count the game a victory if they can badly hurt at least two opposing players on the pitch :P

    • Captain Dermut

      Orc bloodbowl tactics:

      1) Kick da ball

      2) Run at da enemy (da oders on da field)

      3) Hit da enemy

      4) Hit dem some more

      5) If dey down Kick ’em when da rev’s not lookin’


      Oh, yeah, and make won of dem touchy downy tings.


      You got to love them Orcs…


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