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Birmingham German Christmas Market – Ein Taktical Playtime!

    • Kraken

      Gentlepersons and good folks everywhere!


      As you know, Birmingham hosts a charming little Christmas market through this jolly period, and it’s really pretty damn awesome. There are stalls for just about everything; handmade stuff (jewellery, clocks, even one or two homemade toy stalls for those of you looking for gifts), food stalls with crepes, bratwurst and things, and of course the German beer stalls for those of you legally allowed to sample them. As the crowds kind of make this difficult as an invasion – not to mention the legal kerfuffle – I felt this was best suited for a mere Tactical Playtime, a chance for Toy Soldiers to meet up and enjoy the spirit of the season over a pint of wheat beer and a pork roll.

      All in all, it’d be fun!


      I’m proposing having this meetup on the 15th – 16th December, meeting up at around 1pm at New Street station on the weekend when people might not be as busy. Obviously this can be altered to suit people better, so speak up!

      Hopefully you can make it, and if so, I look forward to seeing you there! :D

    • Pvt Morglum

      sounds great commissioner!


      sadly i wont be able to attend as i will be elsewhere that weekend. sorry.


      but i want to see pictures of the beer stalls and….nah that should do it actually. 


      have a stein for me!


      funited together.

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