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Attention One and All!

    • Greetings Ladies, Gentlemen, Fellow members of the Goth community, and all members of The Army of Toy Soldiers!


      I would first like to point out that this is not an advertisement nor is it any sort spam.


      A very serious situation has come upon two friends of mine and the members as well as attendees of their annual event of which I wanted to make everyone aware of on here in hopes of gaining support both for the cause and moral support as well.


      Two good friends of mine Noah and Melissa Korda, two of the nicest and interesting people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting have along with their annual event “Bats Day In The Fun Park” or “Goth Day” to others have become the target of negativity and hatred from a group of very ignorant, racist, and homophobic conspiracy theorists called “Killuminati Soldiers.”  They have begun slandering and are now even going to the point of threatening   them and the event in its entirety.  Below I have included a press release from Noah regarding the matter to which I ask of you, my fellow Toy Soldiers to please spread the word as much as possible to any media outlet, newspaper, advertising firm, etc!  Your help in this situation would be greatly appreciated.


      WARNING: Some of the material contained in the links may be found offensive by those reading this hate group’s material.  Please use caution.


      Taken from Facebook press release by Noah

      August 7, 2013
      Facebook has recently shut down a local Disney fan group, after complaining to Facebook of harassment and copyright infringement by an anti-government conspiracy theory group.

      “Killuminati Soldiers” runs a Facebook group, which curates a continual stream of conspiracy theories with an obsession with spreading conservative religious and anti-homosexuality propaganda to support their conspiracy charges.

      Recently they set their sights on the local Southern California Disneyland appreciation group known as ‘Bats Day in the Fun Park’ ( Bats Day is specifically geared towards Disney fans, who are a part of or interested in the ‘Gothic’ subculture. ‘Goths’ use fashion, music, and design to re-appropriate concepts of gothic horror and portray them as appealing. An example of the Goth/Disneyland crossover is Disneyland’s attraction ‘The Haunted Mansion’, which stylistically represents horror and fright, but actually portrays the theme with fun and whimsy.

      Killuminati Soldiers created a Facebook entries that took copyrighted images from Disney Movies, the Bats Day Facebook page, the Bats Day official website, and as well as from individual members of the Bats Day groups to make false negative allegations and theories about them:

      Since this has begun, the Bats Day community has contacted Facebook about copyright/trademark infringement and harassment by Killuminati Soldiers, but in an unexpected turn of events, Facebook has literally shut down the two main Facebook pages used as part of Bats Day in the Fun Park’s community and to conduct business. The Killuminati Soldiers page is still up and running, with their continued hate message, while still using Bats Day in the Fun Park’s trademarks and personal event attendee images, along with an image that Killuminati Soldiers created with the taking down of the Bats Day in the Fun Parks’ Pages, “Killuminati Soliders gets things done. Taking out all you demons. Ha! This go’s for the rest of you demons out there, we are coming for you all, taking you out!”

      There is even a plead from a child in one of the images that are being use on this hate site, to remove these images and doesn’t want to be apart of this hate sites lie’s, harassment and defamation
      To clarify: a group was being bullied by an intolerant hate group on Facebook, and the victims were shut down in an official capacity by Facebook after speaking out and looking for help, while the offending hate groups’ Facebook Page still remains online.

      The following Bats Day in the Fun Park’s Facebook pages were removed by Facebook on August 7, 2013 at about 12:00pm. 

      The Bats Day in the Fun Park Like Page

      The Bats Day Facebook Lounge Group

      Our goal is to have Facebook restore the Bats Day in the Fun Park Pages to Facebook and to have Bats Day in the Fun Park’s trademarked images removed from the Killuminati Soldiers Facebook Page, which are currently still on their Facebook Page, and/or have the Kiluminati Solders site shut down.

      What can you do to help?

      1. Please repost this entire press release and share it everywhere, explaining the wrong that has happed to this community that did nothing wrong but ask for help.

      2. Report the Kiluminati Solders site to Facebook as a hate group, along with reporting each of the Bats Day photos that are in the following album:
      as hate, harassment, defamation of character and infringing on a trademark.

      3. Please sign the following petition to help restore the Bats Day Facebook pages and to remove the Kiluminati Soldiers page.

      4. Contact your local media (TV, Radio, Social Networks, Internet News, etc) and give them all of this info.

      Not only is this a personal attack and cyber bulling on Bats Day in the Fun Park’s Community, but on all subcultures and Disney Fan Clubs.

      Thank you for your support the right will be place back what was wronged.

      The Bats Day Team &
      Noah Korda
      Founder/Executive Producer
      Bats Day in the Fun Park, LLC

      More information on the community can be found at or by contacting the Bats Day in the Fun Park’s Founder/Executive Producer, Noah Korda, directly at [email protected] or 813-9BATS99 (813-922-8799)

      A PDF version of this press Release can be downloaded here:

    • Sgt. Dutch

      Damnit. Though I’m sure many people are aware of the conspiracy theories surrounding Walt Disney, this is pure and utter homophobia.

      However, though TSU is not an offensive group and we might end up making ourselves a target for these idiots, I know that Batsday and Disney are close to the hearts of many Toy Soldiers.

      My suggestions are thusly:

      1. Report the images, help out Bats day, and report the buggery out of these idiots that see evil every where.

      2. DO NOT OVERTLY ENGAGE! Don’t comment, don’t share, nada. By doing so, you’re drawing more attention to them cancelling out any effect reporting might have. Stick to reporting.

      3. These are the kind of people who can not reason, use logic, and see conspiracies in their ground coffee. Don’t try to argue with them, it really isn’t worth the effort.

      I guess we can call this Operation: Bolster the Bats

    • 100% agreed, I’m in on this one.

    • Commander Radar

      I’ll do all I can to help. This actually makes me feel quite angry.

    • Thank you for all of your responses.  Measures are being taken against them as this goes on. No one (that I know of) on our end has given them any sort of attention, commented, or anything else of the sort.  We’ve been reporting them only to be met with notifications from Facebook that they will (in other words) do absolutely nothing.  This does sadden me yet somewhat doesnt surprise me that Facebook isn’t holding up to the standards they placed regarding such issues like this.  I definitely would not want my fellow soldiers to become a target for them, this I completely understand but nonetheless any help is greatly appreciated. Again, thank you for responding to this for you have my utmost gratitude :smile:

    • Mike Bigelow

      Count me in.


      Gosh darn it! looks like I’m too late… At any rate it was a victory for the good guys so I’m happy. well done.  

    • YJ Grimm

      Well done chaps, I’m really sorry I missed this, but bloody good job!

    • Greetings my friends,

      Thank you all for your willingness to help with this matter!  As many may have noticed the page associated with the link posted has been removed from facebook!  A good sign this is but temporary nonetheless for New accounts were created and the attacks have resumed.  The guy now goes by “Rays Light” and still uses photos of my friends which the Killuminati Soldiers continue to use in their slander.  I ask that should you run into the Killuminati Soldiers or Rays Light on Facebook, please report them as their agenda is still continuing.


      I am deeply appreciative of any efforts in any way from all of you which in turn makes me proud to be a part of this army! 

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