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Asking about starting a new R&D division…….

Home Forums General Discussions Asking about starting a new R&D division…….

Asking about starting a new R&D division…….

    • EvilBastich

       Hello all, I wanted to ask is there a way to start up a new division under research and development involving genetics?

      I feel this is an area we have not fully covered and we should because there is so many possibilities to do…..

      Let me know what you think and what is needed to start it up…….hae18

    • Sgt. Dutch

      Depends on what kind of division. Special Interest is for funsies really, while Special Operations is for actually performing projects.

      If you had anything in particular in mind, it might be wiser to start off with doing a project of some kind first, and then going from there in creating a division. Otherwise we end up with a ton of divisions simply for the sake of having divisions.

      But R&D certainly would be cool. We used to have one many years back but it got mothballed through lack of activity.

    • EvilBastich

      Well, I want to start up on a division where we start up ideas on genetics discussions on how to help aid in several genetic diseases like Lupus or MS or even cancer….. 

    • Sgt. Dutch

      That may be a tad outside of our purview or even experience, as I’m unaware of any Toy Soldiers with medical degrees.

    • EvilBastich

      You are misunderstanding….. What the idea is is to work on ways to help promote ways to help funding in research on genetic diseases like Lupus, Parkinson, MS, cancer and several others that is less known….. You don’t need a degree and you learn types of sciences you never thought you would know……

    • EvilBastich

      My niece just wrote this and is why I want to start this division so we can come up doing things like this……

      At this point in the year, everyone on my friends list has been hounded for donations for my team for the WALK FOR LUPUS NOW event in KC. 

      What I’ve failed to ever open up and talk about is why I walk, why I’ll never stop hounding you, and why this means so much to me.


      My mom has Lupus. I don’t remember how old I was when we found out, but I do know that ever since then life has been getting more and more difficult for her. It’s a horrible thing to watch someone you love be in pain every day and know that there is nothing you can do to help them.

      What’s even more terrible, is that recent studies confirm being directly related (sibling/child/grandchild) of someone with Lupus raises your likeliness of being diagnosed by SIX TIMES. Yes, everyone in my family is six times more likely than a stranger on the street to develop Lupus. My beautiful neices and nephew, myself, my brother, my sister… All of us. We are at 6 times higher the risk for Lupus than someone not directly related to a Lupus patient.

      So you don’t know what Lupus is? To be put simply, it’s a disease in which your normally good blood cells that attack bad viruses in your body are tricked into believing EVERYTHING is a harmful virus. It forces the body to attack itself. It affects eyesight, brain function, mood, muscle, kidneys, lungs, bloodflow, and most importantly it affects the person I love most in the world. 


      I walk because even though I realize I can’t help my mom’s pain, I am determined to do everything in my power to make sure we find a cure for this horrible disease before I see it tear apart anyone else I love. I walk because I know that with enough willpower, I can do anything. And I will meet my goal this year, next year, and every year. 


      I walk for the people who do have Lupus but who have become too weak to walk for themselves, and I walk for the people who in the future might have a better chance at cure, if we can only just get off our asses and DO something about it NOW. 


      I walk, and I hound for donations, and I beg and I plead, and I don’t care if I bug you. I walk because if I don’t…. who will? 

      I don’t care if it bugs you, I will never stop fighting to raise money and find a cure. I will not quit. 

      I just thought I’d share a few reasons why this is so important to me, in case you all ever wondered why I post so many links about Lupus.


      We need to educate ourselves, and everyone we know. 


      So I ask again…. If I don’t do something, if YOU don’t do something….. who will?



      I hope you can understand why this division can be useful after reading this…….

    • Sgt. Dutch

      Sounds like it would be more appropriate to call it a Fundraising Division than an R&D Division

      We already do an annual fundraiser in the form of a gaming marathon (48 hours) which have proven quite successful. We’ve donated to Child’s Play and the Alzheimers Society. Might even do another one and make it bi-annual, depending on conditions.

    • Keptin Alwinn

      That sounds like a really cool division idea, we use to have one a few years back. I believe we called it CARE. I’m all for this division idea Bastich, we could do fundraising for toys for tots or unicef. Personally I work as a research lab assistant and phlebotomist. I work with many doctors, nurses and more on cures or new medicines for Lupus, Parkinson, MS, cancer, diabetes and several others. So the fact that someone else is interested in helping out any way that they can is really cool and we in the field of healers are always welcoming others to help. So I think it would be a great idea for TSU to have this division and to contribute any way they can to pull us forward to the singularity/Utopia we all believe in. Just the way the doctor envisioned us doing. Fun, friendly and helpful.

    • Lt. Sophie

      In general, I am all in favour to help people who really need it. Which is why I decided to organise the Gaming Marathon and plan on doing so (or at least helping with) in the future. It was a great success, and we already have ideas to make this an even bigger event with a wider audience outside of TSU.

      I think it is important that those who can give to those who need.


      However, forming a division is a different matter there. In the past we experienced it quite often that divisions were formed and soon after abandoned, their leaders lost interest and/or energy to continue their work. Which is why it makes it so hard for some of us to really appreciate the idea of new divisions. In our experience, people are very, very excited at the beginning only to realise how much work it actually means to lead it.

      However, if you (and of course the needed amount of other soldiers) are not just momentarily excited, I think you should go for it. I do like the idea of such a division and would be inclined to join and even help out with graphical and design work if needed. Just be aware this will mean much more effort than you might initially think.


      EDIT: I wouldn’t call it R&D either if you ask me, even though it would support R&D massively it is not R&D. Maybe we should give the people credits (and names) that really deserve it. ;)

    • Silent Addle

      Hey Bastich, I would also like to throw my two cents-worth into the discussion.

      As I see it, we don’t currently have enough charity events running each year to require a Division specifically to run them, and even if we did I think the charities we’ve donated to have been decided on via a mixture of group voting and event-organisers discretion.

      If we as a group did begin organising regular charity events then I would possibly like to see a Division build up around supporting that, featuring multiple talent pools, such as designing event specific propaganda, teams specifically to build relationships with possible supporters, sponsors and suppliers and of course discussion on how to keep events fresh and interesting.

      Then of course if any member wanted to run an event there would be a group of talent to assist, but honestly even as nifty as that would be we already have this, if you need copy written, posters designed or advice we have divisions that can be contacted.

      Personally I think the concept of an R&D Division for trying to cure illness is a little broad, as talented as the Army is, I don’t think we have any biochemists or Doctors (Not you Konundrum) so we’re really just going to be funding.

      But remember, you can make a difference, just look at Humble Bundle, they’re huge now and they do a great deal of good, so don’t think we’re saying you can’t, we’re just trying to find the best fit for the TSU in all of this.


      Or at least that’s my take-away from this, but what do I know, I’m just a code monkey.

    • Callie Albert

      Research Lab Assistant

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