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Another Doctor?

    • Lt. Biohybrid

      Hello comrades. I was jaunting about on my NetBike when I ran into this certain person. Could this be a new generation or a different spin on our own beloved Doctor? See for yourself and let me know what you think.

    • KillerCapybara

      I’ve been watching Doctor Holocaust for awhile now, and I don’t think that Doctor Holocaust is going to be “another Doctor.” I absolutely love Doctor Holocaust’s work, but him and Doctor Steel don’t have very much in common. They both do completely different things. Steel was more focused on music, toys, and making the world a more fun place, while Holocaust is more focused on science, politics, and conventions. They both may look similar, but they really are completely different in the content that they present. Still, even with their differences, I highly recommend Doctor Holocaust. His videos are witty, funny, well-produced, and an all around good time. Watching his videos won’t be a waste of time.

      And speaking of mad scientists (don’t read this if you don’t like shameless advertising), I also happen to be working on a mad scientist webseries that will be coming soon. I’ll probably post an update about it when it releases, so keep an eye out for that.

    • If anything Holocaust seems to have a more ‘Horrible’ air to him. It doesn’t look like anything to worry about.

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