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Anarchy Online

  • Anyone here ever tried, or currently play, Anarchy Online?

  • Captain Dermut

    I used to play this, but as a froob. Couldn’t really keep up with aal the folks that had the shadowlands and alien invasion expantions though so I did a lot of things solo, which gets quite boring after a while. So I opted for games that were more solo friendly (and more appeasing graphics to my sense of aesthetics) but I have good memories of flying my little plain across the vast and expancive world. (mostly because as soon I set down to do some work I got either killed or ran around for hours getting that one bit of gear which by then I outgrew level wise… Still I seemed to be flying 90% of the time.

    It’s the vastness of the game world that I regularly miss in other games though.

  • Well I’ve got full expansions now, and let me tell you: the vastness of RK pales in comparison to the vastness of the shadowlands. Plus, you can’t fly in there.

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