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Ad Mission Mach One: Create short TSU radio spot(s)

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Ad Mission Mach One: Create short TSU radio spot(s)

    • T.F.U. Lucas Usagi


      Attention all PSIOPS members!

      Sgt. Dutch stopped by our end of the digital bunker to discuss an interesting collaboration. The diesel fueled punks over at are in the process of developing a radio show and are interested in any kind of TSU ad, clip, or radio spot to include and help promote our wonderful Toy Soldier Army.

      So here’s the mission if you so choose to accept: Create an audio clip of some sort that will catch the attention of the other punkers and potential Toy Soldiers out there. The submissions may even be used in future TSU related podcasts, radio shows, or in any other brainwashing projects.

      It can be simple, it can be theatrical. Make it fun, make it short. Try to keep it under 30 seconds, its a radio spot, not an infomercial.

      Feel free to discuss and share ideas here. If you have an idea but no means of recording it or manifesting it, post about it and we’ll see if we can co-create something. If you want to create more than one that is GREAT as we can never have too much brainwashing A-M-M-O!


    • Donovan Digital

      Since I don’t really have any hardware to speak of at the moment I can mostly make suggestions


      1) Examine old propaganda materials from the US, Germany, and Russia

      2) Have a clear goal; do we want people to join us, or just to amuse? If the former, something like old-school newsreels maybe.

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