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ACES Applications

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ACES Applications

    • The Sky Marshal, YJ

      This is the new forum thread for ACES applications. If you have requested to join ACES, please post your relevant qualifications/skills/interests here so that your application may be processed promptly. Thank you.

    • Officer Dolor reporting sir!

      I don’t know a great deal on sky beast, but I’ve been in love with them as long as I can remember. I take flights often, traveling back down to southern California and back, but I tend to enjoy the flight more than the visit. I build a lot of paper airplanes and I’m trying to build a single manned flying machine (like Davinci’s). I’m also hoping to become an engineer, possibly aerospace.

    • Engineer Airhead

      I am very interested in space exploration, and spaceships. Whether they be U.F.O. (most likely of the alien sort), or good ol’ fashion human built. I personally have no experience in flying, or aviation. But I am fascinated with it.

    • Kasandra T. Zavrie

      I am an airship captain. I have lots of combat skills. I am also a pirate, if you need that information.

    • The Suit

      Jumper, reporting for duty. Skydive certified, with my eye on the Flying Squirrel Suit as my next milestone.

    • Captain Cog

      Captain Cog reporting. I’m a tad too poor to take up any real hobbies in flight, but until I can fatten up my wallet, I shall feed my interest in it!


      I also happen to be an excellent pilot and captain in Guns of Icarus Online and have been considering forming a Steam Group for it.

    • Reporting in! 

      Im currently a student pilot en-route to a private certificate which I should be completing fairly soon with any luck!

      I also have an affinity for flying games and airship culture :D

    • Xero

      My qualifications for membership to the A.C.E.S.

      I have grown up around aircraft my entire life.  I had two great Uncles that were pilots flying aerial applicators of crops, or crop dusters if you will.  As a child I used to hang around the airfields with my cousins. 

      Currently I do not have a private pilot’s license but I hope to some day!

      I do design, build, and fly RC airplanes. 

      I have also worked for a well known parachute company where I would design the parachutes and container systems, producing patterns for production, and rigging / packing.  The county I live in was known at one time as the parachute manufacturing capital of the world, having 4 or 5 different companies located here.

      And I have an overall general interest in aircraft period.

    • Hash Brown

      Electrical Engineer in Training.

    • The Sky Marshal, YJ

      Hash Brown, please feel free to apply on the ACES main page. Thanks!


    • Commander Metal-Mighty reporting!

      I have been working in the ATC domain for one year now as a software developer (apps used in control towers). I am still far from being a professional in this sector, but life’s just begun !

      I’m also usually not bad in Aircraft-oriented games if that could help, and planning to try practicing ATC in online platforms(e.g. IVAO).

    • Lt. Easterling

      I seriously considered to study Civil Aviation in Vilnius, Lithuania, but chose a different path. I love zeppelins. I adore zeppelins. I drew pictures of Zeppelins and Blimps and Dirigible’s all the time!

      I fly over ocean on a passenger plane as a passenger at least twice a year. I also survived as a passenger a flight on a Soviet plane from Kiev, in 2009, that was supposed to be decommissioned 20 some years ago (Airline company got bankrupt last year).

      I make gorgeous paper planes that look good, but do not fly well. The reason is that I put too many aesthetic features on them, that don’t go well with aerodynamics. At least, they last longer on a shelf rolleyes

    • Sergeant Scratch

      Hello, I’m new to TSU and was looking through the divisions and I found your LEAF division. I’ve been in Civil Air Patrol since I was 13 and I grew up near 2 flight test facilities in the Mojave. So LEAF seems like a perfect place for me. :)

    • Cpl.Deimos Poe

      I like reading about various forms of flight mostly fantasy based such as Airships and blimps. I also like trying to come up with designs for compact aircraft but i have not been able to construct them beyond in my mind sadly :(

    • FloatingLog

      Former Captain in the US Army, badged in Airborne, Air Assualt, Pathfinder, and Canadian Airborne. Started my career as a door gunner on a Blackhawk helicopter. You could say I should of joined the Air Force instead of the Army as I was in the air more than on the ground. To this day I still travel around the globe with my girlfriend of 16 years. 

      Captain Madigan (FloatingLog), formally request entry into SkyMarines

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