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About the TSU story Broken gears

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About the TSU story Broken gears

    • Lt. Nomad


      As many hopefully know about I’m writeing a story for the TSU called Broken Gears. I have compleated the main story and I will release it in chapters. However Broken gears is going to be one project that I wont be continuing after the 6 chapters are done. This is a huge project that I wanted to share so when the full story, Broken Gears: A Toy Soldier Story is finished if anyone would like to write or ad to this universe please feel free to, But first contact me and ask or tell me your ideas. Just so we dont have a steampunk story becoming a romantic story or anything like that. So if you want to ad to it once it’s done feel free to do what you please ad in your own way!. Other then that I have a ton of projects coming soon-ish. Horrors from the Digital Bunker, A youtube movie ;) and another youtube seires kinda like Dr Modius dose, With her labatroy and all that jazz. Anyways thats all for now and as always


      Sincerely- Lt. Nomad

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