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About Professor Jimmy Blue

    • Sgt. Dutch

      We’ve just been informed that Professor Jimmy Blue is in hospital, after being found at work having suffered a heart attack. His brain has suffered oxygen starvation, and has no neural activity. Currently he is on life support, however, he will be heading to his own Utopian Playland fairly soon.

      Our thoughts are with Professor Jimmy and his family who are going through an extremely difficult time.
      Please join us in saluting Professor Jimmy Blue, one of the greatest Toy Soldiers we have the pleasure of knowing.

      I’ve been given the following address by Jimmy’s sister, if anyone wants to send something to the family.

      F.A.O. Professor Jimmy Blue aka James Sneed
      21942 Maumee Rd .
      Apple Valley , California 92308
      United States of America

    • Thoughts and well wishes to him and his family. Top level Soldier and great human.:cry:

    • Engineer Airhead

      *salutes* to Professor Jimmy Blue! :cry: 

    • Evelfa

      Thoughts with you brave soldier

    • Captain Dermut

      Salutations to you, Professor.

    • TS-Neoma Cariad

      Our Love to all of his family and the highest salute to Jimmy *Salutes*

    • Mike Bigelow

      Thoughts and prayers going out to the professor and his family. *salutes* 

    • The Sky Marshal, YJ

      RIP and *salute* Jimmy. A good friend and comrade who will be missed, and one of the finest examples of the creative Toy Soldier spirit.

    • Tinker the YJ

      Rest now friend, you have found your Utopian Playland. *salute*

      Larger here


    • Col. Canker Canison

      I am so shaken by this news. He was such a nice guy.

    • RIP and *Salute*

    • Acqua

      I’m deeply sorry to hear this. I lurk most of the time, don’t write much, but I always enjoyed reading his thoughts. I sort of felt I “knew” him. May his journey Home be full of Light.




    • techiefIve

      For those that don’t visit the facebook group page for TSU: A fundraiser has been started to help cover the costs of Professor Jimmy Blue’s funeral arrangements. Please consider donating to help ease his family’s worries during this difficult time. http://www.youcaring.com/memorial-fundraiser/in-memory-of-james-sneed/54464

    • Commander Radar

      My heart goes out to his family with my best wishes.


    • Commander JET

      I have just sent Jimmy’s family a Potted Blue Hydrangea in a Victorian tin (a very lovely arrangement)

      The card I included says:

      We would like to offer our deepest sympathy
      to Jimmy’s family. Please take solace in
      knowing he was loved all over the world by
      many people. Everyone who had the pleasure
      of knowing him loved his art, humor and
      wonderful friendship. We have truly lost one
      of the greatest people in our lives.


      -Love, Jenny (JET) and the Army of Toy
    • Evelfa


      He’s with Necro now… Could think of much worse company!

    • Acqua

       Commander Jet, you had a beautiful thought, and I love the note. Thank you for speaking for us all.

    • Virg

      Had the pleasure of speaking to him occasionally on tsuchat, but never actually met the man. He seemed like a friendly person, always concerned about whatever was going on in your life, whether he had just started talking to you or known you for years, I regret not having spent more time getting to know him better.

      Thoughts to his Family, Friends and other Toy Soldiers who knew him. RIP

    • We’ve lost a great, long serving and hard working soldier and my condolences go out to those closest to him.


      Have fun in the great big playland in the sky Professor Blue, we salute you.

    • Private A. Gryphon

      I didn’t know Professor Jimmy Blue, but I know he will be missed. The army has lost a good soldier. May he rest in peace


    • Anonymous

      I will be making a YouTube video of a synthesizer/organ arrangement I have written in Jimmy Blue’s honor today.  It might not be up until midnight CST, but it will be up.

    • Captain Dermut

      Will be watching for it.

    • Anonymous

      Sadly, there was not enough time to do my video.  I will get to it either before work this week or this weekend when I am off.  It WILL be up, though, hopefully sooner than later.

    • Commander JET

      That is really cool Sgt.Voltor ;)


      The flowers arrived yesterday. Here is a photo of them. They turned up nicely :)




      His sister said:

      So UPS shows up to the door and I open the box and here are the most beautiful blue flowers from a wonderful gal named Jenny aka JET from the toy soldiers….that was so amazing and made everyone cry. So we took them to my brothers room and placed them there where jimmy spent a lot of his time creating and doing his art and it just shows how wonderful people are and it symbolizes jimmy was like that beautiful arrangement of flowers so bright and unique and full of life yet fragile….thank u jet u are truly a dear friend and everyone else for all the cinemark family has done ….its unparallelled





    • MarleyCupcake

      That is a beautiful arrangement, I’m glad that the family liked them.  Thanks for making this gesture on behalf of all of us toy soldiers, Jet. <3

    • Jade Valor

      so this is what happens wile i am gone, a good soldier dies. i wish i would have gotten to know him better…i really do, i will keep his family in my prayers that they might find the strength to get through the coming dark days.


      here is the song i thought of when i herd he died.



      its called The Gael and is played by the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards

    • Odin


      This is for dear Professor Jimmy Blue. For you did serve in this life, as I know you will in the next.

      jimmy Blue you have touched many of our lives even if you did not realize it. You always cared for others in a way only you could have. It meant a lot to many of us. You will be missed more than I can say. You made me feel welcome in a way none of the other soldiers save maybe Jet and Voltor did, Though you were more personal, more inquisitive. You really cared for others, and it showed. 

      I never met you face to face, but through our chatting I feel like I knew you well. I knew you cared about us and supported us, while you also needed our support and our care for you. I hope that wherever you are, you KNOW we did care for you. And know you are missed every day.

      Jimmy was a soldier, he was one of us. And while our army is saddened for his leaving, The next life/army is stronger for his being there. 

      I was told once that the universe take those it loves the most early. That makes Jimmy very loved indeed. 

      We will miss you dear blue. And I hope we continue to honor you, for you deserve to be honored. From me, and the rest of the army,. WE *SALUTE* YOU! 

      “in tears” 

      Morgan Fogg

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