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A quick challenge

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A quick challenge

    • Silent Addle

      Inspired by this post on Reddit: It’s 3:54 a.m., your tv, radio, cell phone begins transmitting an emergency alert. What is the scariest message you find yourself waking up to?

      I would like to challenge everyone to write a short thing, no more than a couple of hundred words on this setting.

      Anyone interested?

    • In David Cameron’s voice:

      “Goodnight Danov Valravn. Remember, Iain Duncan Smith and I love you very much.”



      I really should be writing my EFF stories, so that’s it for now.

    • Flare by N-N-E


      Red roses bloom

      Under the moon

      tears of the maiden

      at destiny’s loom.

      Never again

      Our world will feel gloom

      the beginning is nigh

      and beginnings bring doom

      see how up high

      Riding the winds

      Darkness recedes.

      In the new dawn

      Everything gleams,

      as the present is drawn

      and rips at the seams.


      Silent the valleys

      Hills slumber still

      Open plains shimmer

      Deep oceans stir

      And in the mountains

      New endings begin.

      Rise to the challenge,

      Everything fights

      the law of survival

      alone can give rights

      True to it’s nature

      Unending it’s plights

      Rage at the cage

      Now shrinking tight

      Surrender and die,

      or suffer trough life.





      *Note: the scary part is not supposed to be the “poem” (if it can even be called that) but rather the much shorter message it conveys when looked at differently, along with the fact that it is an emergency signal transmitted on all available channels.

    • Captain Dermut

      the scariest message I could imagine:


      “Remain Calm.”


      Just that. No explanation or anything. Just that and let the brain fill in why or what is happening that one should keep calm against. When imagination fills in for ignorance, that’s when things get really scary.

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