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A note about Toy Soldier activity and the forums

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A note about Toy Soldier activity and the forums

    • Sgt. Dutch

      Greetings comrades

      As some of you may notice, the forums here on aren’t the most active of mediums. Days or weeks can go between replies, and some sections are hardly ever used. This has a tendency to give the impression that the army is dead, or TSU isn’t taking care of the community.

      I just wanted to state that couldn’t be further from the truth.

      Over the past 10 years, the nature of socializing online has changed dramatically. Anyone who used to use BBS’s can tell you that (also, if you remember using BBS’s, I salute you). It used to be just bulletin boards, emails and IRC. Then instant messengers came on the scene, and early social networks, and now entire communities can grow just in the comments sections of a blog. And of course there’s the likes of facebook, twitter, and various other all encompassing networks that grind through users for their own insane profits.

      And because the Army of Toy Soldiers is a rather eclectic and diverse group, we’re spread across all of these things. We still come back to the forums from time to time, and I myself am logged in 24/7 along with the codemonkies/moderators.

      The forums are perfect for planning, and commenting, and showing off your own creations and projects and everything. However in this day and age, it does seem we prefer more instantaneous responses. So, if you crave the instant replies we grown accustomed to on other networks, please see the Official Toy Soldiers Unite Group, the Toy Soldiers Unite Facebook Page, the twitter account, and of course the greatest buzz of activity, the TSU Discord Server.

      The forums however will remain. Do use them for planning invasions, and link social media to your posts, but please do not use them as a gauge of the Army’s activity as it doesn’t give you a full picture of our march towards a Utopian Playland.

      This has been a Public Service Forum Post. Carry on.

    • Captain Dermut

      So true.

      We’re not dead, we’re just spread out across multiple platforms. This site will always be the digital bunker for all of us, a place of our own while we do our work and spread the word on the world wide web or in the streets.

    • You could say that the facebook page and discord servers are Digital Outposts of sorts.

    • Geoff Nicholson

      I’m bad about checking the forums, and I loathe facebook, but I’m always in Discord.

    • Callie Albert

      Toy Soldiers is a rather eclectic and diverse group

    • Andrew Flintoff

      Toy Soldier Essentially a mobile leg swing. Step forward and balance on planted leg. Swing restricting leg forward, as high as could be expected. Effectively pull swinging leg back, keeping toes forward. Switch with restricting leg.

    • Ali Sami Farooq

      Ali Sami Farooq this side yes i also noted the same , thank you for providing the social networks links i will surely join the your network

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