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A Necessary Statement from Toy Soldiers Unite

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A Necessary Statement from Toy Soldiers Unite

    • Sgt. Dutch
      Greetings comrades,

      Chin up. Suck in that gut. Point that NERF gun in the OTHER direction.

      You may or may not have heard some rumors, facts, conversations, and whisperings on the internet. Some deeply unpleasant to hear, which is understandable. It does not bare repeating, as this is our bunker and a sanctuary for the Army of Toy Soldiers, and there’s enough ugliness in the world without contribution or repetition there of.

      What we wanted to say is this.
      Toy Soldiers Unite, which is this site and us who run it, is entirely independent and has been officially for 5 years. (Unofficially, a year or so more). Commander JET and myself have managed and owned it together during this time, and Commander JET was at the reigns before me.

      The Army of Toy Soldiers, the community that has achieved magnificent accomplishments in its life time, of which you should be proud, is also independent. You are that Army. You are the ones that created brilliant music and videos, that have raised money for charity, that have helped each other out, that have inspired others to pursue their creative talents and embrace their passions. And Toy Soldiers Unite will continue to be a home to the Army of Toy Soldiers.

      We have all grown over the past 10 years, evolved and changed. Our propaganda has changed, divisions come and go, but the story keeps being written and the community keeps marching. Instead of serving and supporting a singular individual who no longer wished our support, or the attention of the world, we now support each other.

      We are not ‘This persons’ Army of Toy Soldiers, nor are we ‘That persons Army of Toy Soldiers’. We are THE Army of Toy Soldiers. And we will be recognized for our own accomplishments.

      YOU are The Army of Toy Soldiers, and TSU is your home. Don’t let anyone say otherwise.

      Yours sincerely
      Commander Jet & Sergeant Dutch

      I know some of you will be curious as to what we’re talking about, and I don’t blame you, but we don’t have all the answers on this one, nor has anyone got an entirely complete picture. So please don’t ask us what we know or where we got our information from. In the end, it hasn’t got anything to do with us, but we needed to say “It has NOTHING to do with us.” And yes, we’re being intentionally vague with this statement, as drama llamas will be annihilated with extreme prejudice.

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