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A Different Kind of Propaganda

    • Hello Fellow Soldiers,

      I recently stumbled across this video, http://vimeo.com/37119711, and I thought that this would be something the Toy Soldiers would like to be involved in. It is a movement to stop the oppression of children in Uganda by a man known as Kony. America won’t do anything until it has enough people supporting his arrest. Unfortunately not many people know about him, so we will have to make him popular to destroy him. We will do this through propaganda, which we always love. lol On the night of April 20th, in your city, get together with other Toy Soldiers and blanket it in propaganda. :) Let’s get the word known.

      Update: Based on research, the Invisible Children charity is not a well received charity and in the words of many other people, “shady”. I do not recommend donating to them however I believe we should still get the word out. Download FREE posters or create posters and let people know about the evils of Kony and The Lord’s Resistance Army. :)

      Officer Avgar Eldridge

      P.S. Have fun! :)

    • Sgt. Dutch

      Listen, I don’t want to deny that there’s some pretty bad turnip is going on in Uganda and Africa all together, however, I think it would be wise to research these kinds of charity groups before posting or recommending others donate to them.

      I just read this article which lead me to this article

      Essentially, this group you’re supporting advocates military action. In fact, supporting a military which is the lesser of two evils when compared with Kony’s army.

      As such, I’m going to recommend against supporting Invisible Children, but I will recommend and encourage anyone who is able to donate, to donate to charities that provide infrastructure, medicine, education, and have good reputations and most importantly, are transparent in their finances. I’ve worked as a fundraiser for charities, and I can tell you that the finances will often get gobbled up on salaries and even ‘shares’. That’s right, some organizations we think are charities, are in fact social enterprises or even corporations that have profit margins to reach.

    • Sergeant Larks

      Thanks much for the links, Dutch. As I don’t have many funds for myself, I never really give anything but attention to charities, and with this information I can help my friends be more aware of where any money they may send would go.

      This so-called “charity” is ridiculous. I’m actually in favor of a boycotting of Invisible Children now.

    • Thanks for the links Dutch. I was skeptical of them which is why I didn’t donate any money. I actually downloaded and printed posters of Kony 2012 for I do in fact believe that what is going on should be stopped, using military force if necessary. It is my belief that if someone sees a person or a group of people being oppressed and they have the power to do something but they don’t, they in fact are becoming an accessory to oppression. Do you remember how long it took for Americans to get involved with World War II? With the posters, I am hoping something is done about it and I hope the kids get another chance to just be kids again and to have fun. Another chance for them to show the world how creative they can be.

      I do think that the tactics of getting Kony known to destroy him is in fact a good one but no I would not donate money to this cause. I would like to know where my money is going before I donate it. Thank you again Dutch for confirming my suspicion. You can remove this topic if you want to but I’m hoping people will still help in trying to get Kony known and stopped.

    • Yes I also do realize that catching Kony won’t do that much good but at least we can get people involved and more people to realize what is going on. Unfortunately, especially in America, people are clueless as to what is going on. My hope is that by downloading or, better yet, creating posters for Kony 2012 people will start to broaden their horizons and, like you have said Dutch, donate to other charities. :)

    • Mr. Masheck

      It’s really sad that this kind of stuff exists, exploitation for the all mighty dollar. I feel ashamed and fooled. I hope the people over there get the help they deserve. I agree with what Dutch and Eldridge are saying, even though it is a scam hopefully something good can be come of it.

    • Brigadier Davis

      One word- Politics…

    • Da Spook

      Perhaps it is all them trying to cover up for themselves, but in the interest of fairness I feel I should link this


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