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#49 The Barbary Unit

    • Sgt. Dutch

      The #49th The Barbary Unit – Covering the Bay Area, specifically Palo Alto, California.

      Group Page: http://www.toysoldiersunite.com/groups/49-the-barbary-unit/

      Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/49BarbaryUnit/

      Division Leader: Captain Sari Alwinn

      Division Mod: Lieutenant Nurse Cat

    • Keptin Alwinn

      Hello Home base, this is your Captain speaking. 

      We finally have our very own spot on the forums again. Please register to the group at 


      So that I may approve you into our lovely division. 


      As stated here  http://www.toysoldiersunite.com/forums/general-discussions/calling-all-sf-bay-area-soldiers-scouts-nurses-engineers-and-medics/

      in this general topic started by the ever wonderful Nurse Cat.

      We have a list of places to go and then some. 

      So some of you may know that there used to be unit #49 Barbary Coast for the SF Bay Area. Myself and TS Captain Alwinn would like to reinstate this unit. We have a lot of fun invasion ideas planned. Including, but not limited to:

      • Mission Mural Tour
      • Golden Gate Park Picnic (We go to the carousal there)
      • Shoreline Park in Mountain View (the Rengstroff House gives free tours)
      • Pirate Ship Tour in Redwood City
      • Beat Museum
      • Exploratorium
      • Walt Disney Family Museum
      • Cable Car Tour of San Francisco
      • Angel Island
      • Academy of Sciences
      • Alcatraz
      • Cliff House & Presido 
      • Japanese Tea Gardens
      • Conservatory of Flowers 
      • Mission Dolores 
      • Pinball Museum 
      • Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum

      We would also love to do some day trips to places a bit outside of the Bay Area. Possibly with other units in California. Please join on in we’d love to meet all y’all.


      There are several other things we’d like to do in the area along with those mentioned above, plus several tactical play times we can all schedule to participate in. Along with this section of ours in the digital bunker, I will make a group on FB but do be active on both the forum and the soon to exist FB group. 


      I am very very ecstatic to lead you all and to be a friend to put your trust in.

      Together I believe we can make our very own Utopian Playland in the Bay Area and surrounding 100 mile radius. So let’s have fun everyone, let’s have some fun.


      This has been Captain Sariel N. Alwinn

      Thank you. 



    • Keptin Alwinn

      Alright, we are all going to Maker Faire. [ON SUNDAY]
      A majority of us will be at Maker Faire. [ON SUNDAY]
      Look alive crew! Look alive! 
      [pokes the zombies]
      Seriously brah, look alive.

      Maker Faire is located at San Mateo Event Center 
      It runs from 10 AM – 6 PM [ON SUNDAY]

      Also, Rev. Geoff will be there from NM. So, we have to be cool barbs.

      Main fucking tain.

      Sari out!

    • Geoff Nicholson

      You mean Saturday? I’m on a Plane on Sunday.

    • Keptin Alwinn

      @Rev. Geoff Nicholson said:
      You mean Saturday? I’m on a Plane on Sunday.

      Sunday, always Sunday. Have a safe flight to London and give everyone big hugs for us all in the #49.

    • Keptin Alwinn

      Hello? Hello? DIVISION, YOU AWAKE?! 

      Hrm, okay. I’ll be out of the country for a month. If you all need me, Contact Page . 


      Okay have fun~ 

      Cptn. Alwinn

    • Keptin Alwinn

      Hello Forum reading Californians. If you are a Northern Californian Toy Soldier this is the division for you. I’m serious, we are the only ones. Come here. Do the thing. 

      Anyways, I ordered patches so they should be in the process of being produced. I told people on the Facebook group so now I’m tell you all here. 


      :: Nudges :: 


      Breath you all, breath. 

    • Keptin Alwinn

      I already wrote this on the facebook group but I’m putting it here as well. 


      The 18th of this month will be Big Wow Comicfest held in San Jose at their convention center. If you are into comics and want to get your division patch. Meet me there. If you can’t make it on the 18th then the next con I’ll be attending will be Maker’s Faire in San Mateo on the 16th of May. If you can’t make it to that I’ll be at Fanime May 21-25th.

      After any of those days or between them. We should have a meet up and plan some outings together.

      If you don’t think we should physically meet up for a division group chat then we can schedule a Google hangout or Skype. Hell we can all get the Line app for smart phone, laptop or what have you and we can group chat there.


      Thank you.

    • Out of curiosity, any other meetups after Fanime?

    • Keptin Alwinn

      @Toy Soldier Sandman aka DJ Sandman said:
      Out of curiosity, any other meetups after Fanime?

      I would love to have more meetups and have an official 49th division meet up. We just need to find out when everyone or at least a majority is free! 

    • Dr Ophelia Strating

      I am no longer a 1123-er! I moved to Sunnyvale about 3 weeks ago and would love to be in touch with everyone up here. Any goings-on?

    • Keptin Alwinn

      Welcome to the 49th Ophie!! We have nothing planned right now and I just left Facebook, so I will be trying to round up all the members soon enough to have a division meet up. We should grab coffee or tea one day! 

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