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#312 Greater Chicagoland

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#312 Greater Chicagoland

    • Sgt. Dutch

      We are Division #312 Greater Chicagoland.

      We encompass Illinois and Southern Wisconsin.

      Our division is all about building a Utopian Playland one invasion at a time, if you choose to join us, then you are in for fun and helping others, we thrive on participation, so bring your enthusiasm!

      We are also on Facebook

    • WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has been officiated.

    • Plans are in the works for another invasion/recruiting drive. This time it will be held at Oakton Community College in Skokie. I’ll bring some more Mind Control Cookies, and I’ll get some stuff together that we can have some activities. Maybe get a table in the cafeteria and have a ping pong tournament.


      I am also looking into going back to Niles West for another invasion, as well as a possible invasion in Evanston and Niles North. I would love suggestions for activities, so lets get those brain juices flowing.

    • Anonymous

      NERF WAR!  Also, about the Oakton College thing…do you have connections there?  Pretty sure administration needs to approve all functions on campus property.  That’s how CLC operates.  High school is one thing…college is COMPLETELY different.  At CLC, you need to get flyers approved at the Communications Office just to use the “public” cork board!

    • Already spoke to the activities director, they said they don’t see an issue with it, so they will be in contact with me about setting up a table. I got this bliss_gif

    • OreoNinja
    • Welcome OreoNinja to the Official Division Thread. So what do you say to having a follow up meeting sometime soon.

    • gamergirl244

      Yay, its official. Let me know of upcoming invasions.

    • Who wants to go to C2E2 on April 22 2017. We can do a meetup.

    • I am in the process of getting a booth to hand out propaganda at Oakton Community College in Skokie at the end of February. Details will be posted this coming Monday so keep your transmitters tuned.

    • Recruitment at Oakton Community College will be held on March 9th from 9am to 3:30pm.


      Also the Itinerary for the March 4th Invasion has been made. It is currently posted in the facebook group.

      Figure to have about $50 spending money, this number includes transportation.

      11:00am-11:30am Majority Meet at Oakton Yellow Line station
      11:30am take CTA to Lincoln Park Zoo*
      12:30pm Arrive at Lincon Park Zoo/Meet up at Lincon Park Zoo*
      12:30pm-3:00pm Spend time at Zoo (Get lunch near Zoo around* 1:30pm)*
      3:00pm Head over to Shed Aquarium
      3:30pm Arrive at Shed Aquarium
      3:30pm-5:00pm Spend time at Shed Aquarium
      5:00pm take CTA into the loop
      5:30pm-6:00pm Have dinner in the loop
      6:00pm Go to Navy Pier
      6:30pm Arrive at Navy Pier
      6:30pm-8:00pm Spend TIme at Navy Pier
      8:00pm Head Over to Dave and Busters
      8:30pm Arrive at Dave and Busters
      8:30pm-10:30pm Spend time at Dave and Busters
      10:30pm Head Home

      *Weather Permitting
      Alternative if poor weather
      12:30pm-3:00pm Spend Time at Water Tower Place
      **Please note, all times and activities are subject to change based off of what the group decides day of.**

    • Woo, the first Official Invasion for our division went off well. Though didn’t get to do as much as we hoped, and due to my getting us lost we had good conversation, though it limited us even more for activities, we had a good time spreading cheer and meeting interesting people. Good job everyone, and hopefully next year we will have a bigger turnout and have an even grander time.

    • C2E2 was a blast hopefully next year more of the #312 will be able to make it. Also ran into some old Toy Soldiers. Hopefully they will get back into it, now that there is a smack happy division to hang around with.

    • Lots of stuff in the works lads. Starting a Dungeons and Dragons night. Making plans on going to the Big River Steampunk Festival, as well as Lockport IL. Steampunk Weekend where Steam Powered Giraffe will be performing. Check the facebook page for more details.

    • So I have been looking up conventions in Chicago and am looking at a few where we might be able to get a table. Hopefully C2E2 2018 will be on the spot along with some smaller ones. Otherwise there is a list of cons that I am looking for people to go with to. One of which has a formal dance that I would really like to attend with a date, since I never went to any high school dances.

    • We are still kicking!

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