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06/02/2017 at 20:39

Hi there. I just joined today because I have three dr. steel DVDs. I have the first utopian playland DVD as well as the DVDs for episodes 2 and 3 of the show. I have no interest in dr. steel so I was wondering if anyone here wanted them. Thanks! 

06/02/2017 at 21:22

All of his stuff is on youtube anyways, and the DVD’s were given away for free, so I don’t think anyone will be taking you up on your offer I’m afraid.

I in fact still have the ISO files for both versions of the DVD.

07/02/2017 at 17:01

I’ll buy them! How much would you want for them?

08/02/2017 at 18:49

Post it in B.E.E.S.

08/02/2017 at 18:53

Don’t worry about it I already have the deal set up in the PM’s. Just waiting for a price.