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#2358 The Red Tide

    • Commander JET

      #2358 The Red Tide

      Division Leader: Cadeon

      The Division for All of Florida

    • Okay, this space has been dead since it opened, so as a fighting ’58-er, I thought I’d be the first to start.

      On our facebook page, our dear leader Cadeon has made the suggestion that we spend Toy Soldier Day at Downtown Disney on the 3rd, instead of hitting the parks. What say ye, ’58-ers?

      – Best Regards and Zombie Cough Syrup,
      Dr. Sheilagh R. Elfinstone, D.Pr.M.

    • *pokes* Dear Red Tide the Captain is planing to be in Florida for Toy Soldier Day. PREPARE YOURSELFS!

    • PFC Sinphonite

      Salute! For anyone not on the Facebook group regularly I’ve been doing some planning. I would like to start getting us out there and representing! We’ve been pretty inactive as a whole, and I’d love to put an end to that!

      Starting this Sunday, I will be doing monthly Skydiving ops for anyone wanting to join. We’re doing 10,000 foot tandem jumps, in uniform, out of Punta Gorda FL.

      Prices vary from 155-175.00 per person, depending on group size.

      Additionally, I will be running the Savage Race in an active uniform, and would love to be able to form a team with other representing Red Tide members. It would be a good, fun show to put on for the general public! As well as an excellent fitness goal!

      I’m working on planning less extreme operations and events, as well as looking into getting special medals/patches made for participants. Keep an eye here and on the FB group for more details as they appear!


      Creativity! To Victory!

    • Emmett Danteus

      Tampa Toy Soldier. Moved here last August and looking for fellow Toy Soldiers to hang out with. I have major clinical depression, and because of this, have several employment gaps and trouble finding employment, so if there are any Soldiers around who would like to hang out or have ties to any local businesses that could help me get employed, you can contact me at [email protected], (574) 952-4330, or https://www.facebook.com/luminous.lemonship … my PSN is Jokerwuff and my XBL is APranksterWuff.


      On a pilgrimage for Utopian Playland

      Emmett Danteus

    • Sgt. Dutch

      Comrades, I just received this in the emails and thought you guys might be interested:

      Hi, I am one of the staff for a medium size anime con in Florida called Chibi Pa.
      I was introduced to your organization by my son. He thought it would be great if there is an invasion at ChibiPa.
      Our con is November 13-15, 2015. If any of your Florida members are interested in coming as guests to do a presentation,
      or a fundraiser please contact me at the email above, or the event coordinator at [email protected].

      -Debbie L.

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