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    • Sgt. Dutch
      Special Interest Division #1970 T.O.Y.S.
      The Objects You Savior
      This is a division dedicated to toys, collecting them, buying,
      selling and trading them. Modifying them for propaganda, discussing
      old and new and favorite toys, toy movies, setting up toy drives for
    • GREETINGS!  I welcome you to the Special Interest Division #1970 T.O.Y.S.

      Standing for The Objects You Savor!


      “As children, there was nothing we wanted more than toys to play with and nothing has changed, except what the definition of what a toy has become.  In fact, in the Dr. Steel new world dictionary, the new definition of a toy shall be… ‘Toy (noun), an object that makes you happy.’  Because that’s all that it is and that’s all that really matters!”  -Dr. Steel



      TOYS are always here NOW!


      -Professor Jimmy Blue

    • jedimom

      Toys, eh? Why would I want to join this? I just have a *few* of the darn things…



    • Welcome Commander JET and Jedimom!

    • I have GOTTA get in on this!! TOYS = FUN!!

    • Welcome to the new members Funnery Sergeant X-51, Commander Radar and Pvt. Morglum!


      So now that we have a nice little core membership here…


      Fun Fact #1:  Special Interest Division’s The Objects You Savor could also be acronymonomized into S.I.D’s T.O.Y.S.


      “So Play Nice!”


      It’s time for T.O.Y.S. Trivia Time!

      So here’s the question (I don’t care if you Google it to try and find the answer…)


      What significance does the number #1970 have to a division about Toys?

      (There are probably a lot of answers, but the one right answer is why I chose the group number!)

      Post your answer or thoughts below.

    • Pvt Morglum

      is it your d.o.b?


      right now im working on a toy! a cross between a barbie and a wheeled warrior, from hason and the wheeled warriors. great cartoon.


      will show pics once the contruction is complete! mahwhahahaha!

    • Ding! Ding! Ding!  Actually NO! It’s not my date of birth…  LOL sorry about the misleading “Ding Ding”


      Your toy creation sounds pretty cool. Can’t wait to see your “Frankenstein’s Monster.”


      Back to the trivia… Here is a hint:

      It can be considered the great grandpappy of foam wars everywhere.

    • jedimom

      nerf balls created?

    • YAY!  Jedimom got it!!!

      Well apparently they were created in 1969 but didn’t make it to market and production until 1970!

      But that is the reason I chose that number!

      For your correct answer, I will be sending you a Toy’s-Up-Rise! Fun Pack (I have your address from the Christmas Card Exchange.)


      Another Contest will be coming soon!

      And that means more Toys!

      More Fun!

    • jedimom

      Yay!!!! I won!!! :D

    • Commander JET

      Did someone say NERF? >.>

      So glad this division is here now! I will try not to get too overtly jealous of other peoples toys…I promise! *crosses fingers*

      I will also try to get some new photos of mine! I have acquired many new robots I would like to share!:cool:

    • Hey!  It’s Nerf or nothing!

      Cool JET!

      I gotta take some new pics of some of my toys.


      Awesome quote from Keydrian, “I’ll admit, i still have my moments where there is nothing better than just digging out an old toy and just… playing. Seriously, as we get older most of us don’t do that enough.”



      I’d love to know what your top 10 toys are from your life!

      Mine: (in no perticular order)

      Ohio Arts Animator

      Nerf Ball (Indoor sponge ball, not those vinyl coated football shaped ones)

      Any Star Wars Action Figures


      Ping Pong Ball Pop-Guns

      Hot Wheels Crack Ups Cars

      Shrinky Dinks

      Any Rubik’s Puzzle

      Wacky Wall Walkers (Octopus ones)

      Any Wind-Up Toys


      Okay, now what are yours?

    • Sorry folks, for taking some time off here.

      I was playing with my toys!


      First off, would just like to say a little something about the creator of the Etch-A-Sketch, Andre Cassagnes, who died January 16, 2013 at the age of 86 in a suburb of Paris, France.  He created what was originally called ‘Telecran’ in his garage and renamed it L’Ecran Magique, or ‘The Magic Screen,’ it made its debut at a toy fair in Nuremberg, Germany, in 1959.

      It was licensed to Ohio Art Company and became what shall always be known to scores of creative children as the Etch-A-Sketch.  Andre Cassagnes brought creativity to generations of children and adults alike, and his legacy will never be shaken off the screen of toy lovers and enthusiasts everywhere.


      Secondly in the toy box…

      I will be getting the Toys Uprise Inside fun pack out to ya Jedimom, sometime this week.  Sorry for the delay.

      Here is what the packaging looks like, although it may bare a striking resemblance to another products’ “Toy Surprise Inside”… I assure you there will be no cheapy tattoos.






    • And a big Thank You to all the new members.

      You all are my favorite toys!

    • With only Jem Nightshade to reply to the free Toys Uprise Inside giveaway… I will be sending some out, along with Jedimom and Commander JET (for her help and encouragement in getting T.O.Y.S. going)


      Look for other opportunities regarding contests and freebies in the near future!

    • TheAtomicSoul

      I like the image and concept!

      I never cared for CJ’s but I still always recognized these little packets! :D

      @Professor Jimmy Blue said:

      …Toys Uprise Inside fun pack…






    • As soon as payday rolls around, I will get those toy fun packs out in the mail!  Sorry for my procrastination and the delay!


      And now on to…

      A CONTEST!

      Well sort of a quick trivia contest…

      The toy fun pack is inspired by lyrics from two Dr. Steel (remember him?) songs.

      The first Toy Soldier to name those two songs correctly will win a toy fun pack.

      …and go!

    • The Disgraced Dark

      Song: Doctor Steel

      Lyric: “And when the saucers arrive they’ll get a big toy surprise”

      Song: Childhood Don’t A go-go

      Lyric: “A cracker jack-ass prize. I wanna slip and slide.”

    • YOU ARE CORRECT The Incredible Mr. Dark.

      (However, I believe the correct lyric on “Dr. Steel” is: “And when the saucers arrive they’ll get a big toys uprise!”  Sort of a play on words of Toy Surprise.  Either way, you still win!

      And for that, you shall soon receive a Toys Uprise Inside Funpack or two!

      (I still have your address from the Holiday Card Exchange Thingy)


      And now for… The Toy Of The Day…

      TSU Hefty Smurf, painted and given a Utopian Playland Makeover by Commander JET herself.

      It snowed today for only the third time this year, which for a desert dweller, that’s a pretty amazing thing, to have one let alone three snowfalls!

      Toys have to play too, even if it’s just on the tips of my fingers!


      Do you have any toys that like to go out to play?

      Post your pictures!

    • Picasso

      top 10 toys:

      1) Teddy bear, named Teddy…I was a very original youngster.  My dad got him for me from a friend who was going to throw him away because he was a gift from the girlfrend he recently broke up with lol


      2) Sir Humfry Cummington.  He goes to all events I can bring him to and hes been personalized by me and many other people who are important to me.


      3) Hula Hoop, it lights up and I have taught myself everything I know :)


      4) Nerf guns, good mention by the way, because my family was obsessed with them and we had a nerf xmas one year and everyone got a gun and we had a battle, grandparents included…it ended when my uncle oey got shot in the eye with a dart though lol


      5) Beanie babies, every xmas my parents would put one on top of mine and my younger sister’s stocking.  Our collection got so big it resulted in Beanie Baby wars where me and my sister would build forts and use them as proectile.


      6) Blankets…blanket forts, obviously lol


      7) Dress up was a huge part of me and my neighbors time together.


      8) The cardboard box, so many possibilities from something so simple, cars, houses, cities and boats, many years of my childhood were spent in a cardboard box with my stuffed animals.


      9) The laundry basket was also used as a sled and a convenient way for my parents to pull us through the snow lol


      10) Hide and seek flashlight tag.  Period.

    • Awesome toy choices there Picasso!

      Blanket Forts and Cardboard Boxes, definitely a plus!

      Imagination is one of the greatest toy makers the world has ever known!


      Today’s Toy Of The Day is:

      E.T.  Lighting up his heart of course with Toy Soldiers Unite!


      How do you Toy Soldierize your toys?

    • Time for some pretty impressive videos!






    • Private A. Gryphon

      My Top 10 Favorite Toys:

      1. Cat Stuffed Animal- Named “Cat”. A raggedy white, well-loved cat plush I still have.

      2. Ty’s/Beanie Babies

      3. Dragon toys

      4. Legos

      5. Blankets/pillows for blanket forts

      6. Sticks for “swordfighting”

      7. Frisbee

      8. Board Games

      9. Other Various Action Figures

      10. Books (not nescisarily a toy, but I loved them)

    • Coolness Amber!

      I’d like to welcome you and all the new members of T.O.Y.S. and I hope your imagination and love for toys never grows up!



    • Commander JET

      Hello Everyone!

      In case you are wondering. I am keeping Jimmy as leader and just adding myself to the leader list ;) That way I can let others in.

      So I was going to encourage others to keep posting their toys (and still do) But then I though lets have a contest too! It’s gonna be real easy!….

      All you have to do it take a photo of yourself with the oldest toy you own and post it in here. Then add a link to a proof of its year. (you should be able to find it somewhere on the net;) Whoever has the oldest toy wins a prize! It will be lots of stickers, a pin and 2 wristbands!…and whatever else I may find laying around.

      It will be fun to gather photos yes?Cool



    • SerenityRises

      Greetings T.O.Y.S!

      Thank you for including me in your wonderful group. laugh

      Top 5 Favorite Toys:

      1. Stuffed panda bear named Panda.  I’ve had him since early childhood and he’s been my most loyal companion ever since.

      2. A small model of the Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo.  My best friend made it for me before she moved away.

      3. Cards Against Humanity, one of the many bonding activities of my college family.

      4. Clay or play-dough.  I’m not very good with it, but it’s fun!

      5. The Sherlock and John dolls given to me for Christmas this year.

    • Scouter715

      Hey everybody its Jon (scouter715) I do the podcast robot attack where I pick a random division every week and I just did yours link > http://shele001.podomatic.com/entry/2014-01-08T11_09_21-08_00 


      Facebook to the podcast


    • Hi Nurse Cat here, just joined this division. 

      Top Toys:

      1. All of Monster High Dolls

      2. Beanie Babies in general

      3. Cards Against Humanity

      4. Board Games of all kinds

      5. My Malificent pop figure

    • Tinkerer Dan

      Hi, just signed up to the division so I though I should post.

      Top 5 Toys:

      1/ Transformers

      2/ Gundam Kits- What, you mean I can build my own robots? Hell yeah!

      3/ Nerf Guns- Always useful to carry at least one, especially whilst at uni where i’m likely to get shot at.

      4/ Lego

      5/ My handmade teddy who’s been with me since I was born and has survived numerous accidents and maulings by my dog.

    • Constable Ad-Tavi

      @Professor Jimmy Blue said:HEY EVERYONE!

      I’d love to know what your top 10 toys are from your life!

      ۞ ANY Star Wars toy
      ۞ Legos
      ۞ Nerf guns
      ۞ Aerobie discs
      ۞ Lincoln Logs
      ۞ Tonka trucks
      ۞ Kikkergard wind-up metal toys (Sparkls is my absolute fav)
      ۞ Etch-A-Sketch
      ۞ Slinky
      ۞ Monster Jam “Expelled” school bus (still have it on my computer desk)

    • Constable Ad-Tavi

      Also, this is probably the proof that I am truly a F.O.S.S.L. :

      I love me some cribbage….and will smear any opponent all over the board *wicked evil grin*

    • Error

      Chaos, top 10 favourite toys..
      Thats hard
      Leaving out my favourite stuffed animals as to not list them in unfavourable order:

      1. My Phone
      2. Game Boy Advance Sp
      3. Bows!
      4. Sewing Machine
      5. Amiibos
      6. Sketchbooks
      7. Ball Jointed Dolls
      8. Cat Toys
      9. Scrump
      10. Stuff for Sand Castles
    • Korporal Kopper

      Oooh… In no real order:

      1. Etch-a-sketch.

      2. A giant freaking mountain of legos.

      3. A hand-knitted (yes custom made) Incredible hulk plush that someone made for me when I was like 4 (this was in the early 80’s and licensed super hero stuff was REALLY hard to find in the mid-west).

      4. Laser Tag.

      5. RC tank that shot suction cup darts.

      6. M.U.S.C.L.E figures.

      7. Transformers.

      8. G.I. Joes.

      9. Battle Beasts

      10. ….and…I’ve always loved a good squirt gun.

    • DoctorAnomaly

      Greetings Fellow Toy Soldiers! 

      Doctor Anomaly here with a toy research results! 

      After a recent reconnaissance mission to study new toys (as a side note, do you realize how hard it is to do a recon mission in a lab coat? Mental Note: research clothing that the “trendy” people wear.) I came upon this curious object. 

      Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

      Do not be fooled by this brightly colored sphere that is marketed for dogs to play with, this device with its funny noises enchants both children and adults alike after observing several interacting with such object! It is especially hilarious when thrown past an unsuspecting test subject and see them jump and shout at the “Wah Wah” noise, as I can only describe it, frightens them. 

      Now to see if this device can be used to hypnotize others… 

      ~Doctor Anomaly 

    • I assume there is no statute of limitations on answering questions about favorite toys (and if there was I would be a scofflaw anyhow). My top 10 (in no particular order)–yes, I know my favorite toys are somewhat odd:

      Vac-U-Form (It would never pass safety tests now). You heated colored sheets of plastic in a machine and then swung them over over a form and pumped out the air to pull the hot plastic over the mold–smelled intense too. Here is a link to a video of how it worked: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aat5m46RE1s

      Jacks (standard and all types of variations–spent hours and hours on it in 4th grade).

      Plastic Dinosaurs — when I got my first glue-gun I made an Xmas wreath of dinosaurs — to go with my dinosaur nativity scene, of course. 

      “Mouse-trap” a Rube-Goldberg-inspired board game.

      Tinker toys and Lincoln logs (I see this as 1 toy because I got them in a bag all mixed together at a garage sale).

      “Idol Joe” he was a stone tiki about 1 foot high and 6″ wide and 4″ deep. I would take him in my red wagon everywhere from the time I was 5. He now lives by the fireplace. 

      Red Wagon (because I built a lot of forts and tree houses and had to transport toys).

      2 mini-garden gnomes (Digger Gnomish–had a shovel & “Dude Gnomish”–had a mushroom) also took them everywhere (still do) — each one fit in a cup-holder in the car. Now I do photo-stories with them (yes I started this before Travelocity or Amelie) 

      The Godzillas–A wind-up baby-godzilla that walked and shot sparks out of its mouth & a large posable mechagodzilla.

      My FAVE-OF-ALL-TIME though was a plastic hammer that had two accordion-like ends that made squeaky sound when you hit anything and had a flute in the handle–I had that thing until I broke it on a stop sign playing “musical drinking songs of the great outdoors” (a game of my own invention). 

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