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Re: MCM Expo May ’13: Revenge of the Robots!

Home Forums Missions MCM Expo May ’13: Revenge of the Robots! Re: MCM Expo May ’13: Revenge of the Robots!


I have a shenanigan idea!

We played this when I went to Scotland with my Officer Training Corp bunch and it was pretty good,


A murder game!

3 hats, each with pieces of paper inside

1st hat: Names of everyone in attendance (each on a separate piece of paper)

2nd hat: Names of murder weapons! (Not the actual weapons, you will need to procure those yourselves)

3rd hat: The location and/or time that you need to kill that person


After you have killed your contract you will take over their contract, this carries on until only one person is left alive!
You need to have a witness to your murder for obvious reasons, the witness can be the person you murdered but you may need someone else if you think they might be a douche about it :P

An example could be: “Iron, Kiplings camera, underneath the expo table” or “Raptor, Lieutenant JDUKs robot head, between 2 – 3am”

When I played it with my corp we had some really over the top stuff, like one guy had to be killed in a toilet cubicle with a kayak.  Another was in the Loch with a loaf of bread.  Some of them we had to team up to do, but be careful who you tell as they may be more loyal to the one you have to murder than to you… You may have to bribe them!

We also had to borrow random stuff from random people for the night, like I had to borrow the a wrist watch off one of the Majors so that I could kill a contract up the mountain that I climbed the next day!  Or my murderer had to kill me with an orientation marker, so he had to wait until the last day when they’d all been brought down from the hills!

Anyway, what do you think? 
I’ll write everything up so all you guys need to do is come up with inventive ways to kill each other!