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Geoff Nicholson

The Seventh Mountain Regiment is based in the Rocky Mountains of New Mexico and Colorado, based around the Universities of New Mexico, and the expatriate enclaves along the Colorado Front Range. Her members are adept in propaganda distribution, skilled at engineering and computing, and committed to a High Altitude Utopian Playland. While the mountains of New Mexico are low in population and culture, we strive onward to spread the Doctor’s Name and his Music and his Cause throughout the Rocky Mountains.

Located on the Internet at:
TSU Forum Thread:

–[Headquarters Company]–
Regimental Officer: Geoff Nicholson, YellowJacket
Head Nurse: Nurse Gemenon
Chief Engineer: – – –
Scoutmistress: Rioghnach

–[Northern Detachment]–
Denver Lieutenant: Lt. Rothen
Springs Lieutenant: Lt. Cogwright

Which is to say…FIRST POST!!eleven!!!1!