Female Engineer Regiment Logo Male Engineer Regiment LogoThe Engineer Regiment was created in response to the overwhelming need for…. engineers. And we don’t just mean men in overalls hitting things with oversize wrenches. No, the Engineers are the creative heart of the Army of Toy Soldiers. Be it their pin point accurate skill with a soldering iron, or vision for grand architectural projects that are complete unfeasible, they are the dreamers and makers, and occasionally breakers, of our physical and digital world.

Someone may choose to join the Engineers Regiment due to their love of building robots, creating amazing crafts, manipulating digital technologies, or just sheer curiosity for how things work. In the Digital Bunker, they are often found working alongside the Nurse & Medic regiment when they need aid with cybernetic limbs, or with the main Toy Soldier regiment, crafting more powerful foam dart weapons.

More often than not, they are also toy makers, creating things that make other people happy.


Engineers wear a wide variety of items, and of course it depends entirely on their own particular speciality. But even if they are no where near a machine, or robot, they appear to have some form of dirt or grease somewhere on their face. It remains a mystery how that gets there. Coveralls, goggles, labcoats, leather gauntlets, goggles, hard hats, welding masks, goggles, tool belts, goggles, and of course steel toe capped boots. Safety is of course very important when dealing with a 2 meter tall robot that mistakes humans for hot dog ingredients.

Engineers Lvl. 1 - Designed by Sgt. Grinner      Engineers Lvl. 2 - Designed by Sgt. Grinner      Engineers Lvl. 3 - Designed by Sgt. Grinner

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