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Rules, Regs & Protocols

Rules, Regs & Protocols

(Fast & Loose Edition)
For using the TSU website and our Discord server

Most of this is covered by the sites Terms & Conditions, but here’s the TL;DR version

Codemonkeys / Moderators

They help keep the forums & discussions running. They have ample experience in the Army of Toy Soldiers, and aid Toy Soldiers Unite in a voluntary capacity. If you have questions, they can answer. If you have issue with a particular Moderator, please contact the Administrator via the contact page. All correspondence will be treated with confidentiality, and impartiality. Please use private messaging for any particularly difficult issues.

Non-violation of other Toy Soldiers.

This means if you disagree with someones point, you can say of course, but don’t begin making personal remarks or flat out insulting them.

Don’t feed or be a Troll

Yes, we get it. You’re horribly clever and you like to show just how smart you are by getting into semantics and using your incredible mind bullets to get others riled up about the topic at hand and then try to tell us “that’s not what I was doing!”. We’re not morons, and you’re boring. Those conversations won’t last long, as they’re incredibly boring.

Keep things Safe For Work

No links to porn, illegal activities, racism, sexism, or similar. Please no porn images/videos either.

Underage users (Under 18).

We are not responsible if someone travels to an event without their parents permission. Also, if certain parts of an invasion or event include adult themes or are generally restricted (pubs, clubs, bars), do no expect others to lie for you about your age.

Minimum Age

The minimum age for using is 13 years. The internet is generally inappropriate for those under 13 years of age unless you’re being supervised by a RESPONSIBLE adult. Don’t come looking to us for help, we’re still trying to figure out what responsible even means.

Religion and politics

Discussion about both is not permitted. Both topics tend to be divisive and 90% of the time solve absolutely nothing. With such a diverse gathering of different views we feel it is best to not allow it. This rule is subject to interpretation by the Codemonkeys/Moderators/Admin of the Chat & Discord.

Drugs & Alcohol

Discussion about weed, beer and such is fine, but forget illegal drugs. Also, don’t expect special treatment for being drunk or high while posting or chatting.


GoFundMe’s, Kickstarters, and Patreon’s are fine. However please do not spam forum or chat, or instantly expect people to drop everything just for you. We’re all flat broke as it is.

Uploading Images

Images being added by Soldiers to their profiles must either be of them, or somehow related to The Army of Toy Soldiers. Other pictures will not be accepted. For instance, a drawing of a fish tattoo would not be accepted. A photo of the fish tattoo would be (as we would assume it is on the Soldier uploading it).

Concerning pictures and where to post them in the forum:

Are they crucial to a mission? Put them in the designated and already existing thread about this mission.
Are they of your division having fun? Put them in your division thread.
Are they artsy? Put them in the art section.
Anything else goes into the playground (the ‘where the children play’ forum).
Don’t know how to post pictures? See this thread.


It’s quite exciting that you’ve seen the newest latest and greatest movie or read the newest book. However, there are some that well may not have been to that midnight screening or release. Please avoid revealing spoiling plots, twists, and anything else that is better left discovered in by someone first hand. If it’s been released in the last 3 months, avoid specific content that isn’t general knowledge/can be seen in a trailer. For all else 3+ months old, use common sense. If someone’s mentioned they haven’t seen something yet but want to, try to avoid spoiling that for them.

Backseat Moderation

If you think the rules we have are “lame” and you’re not enjoying the chat based on being asked to follow them, then you’re free to not be there if you’re not having fun. The rules are the rules, and they’re in place for a reason. They are not up for debate or discussion. The Codemonkeys/Moderators will enforce them as they see fit, and if you disagree with how that is done, you’re welcome to contact the Administrator directly to air your grievance, but the buck stops there.

On a separate note, do not ask someone else to speak on your behalf. We can not guarantee an issue will be addressed, or for that matter know if that person is actually talking for you. You have a voice, and you WILL be treated fairly and anonymously if you prefer. Similarly please don’t say you speak for many others, or that people have come to you for an issue. That is exactly why we have Codemonkeys/Moderators.


For those regular users of the forum, chat and Discord server, it’s frightfully obvious when someone is impersonating someone else. And forget about calling yourself Doctor Steel. No one believes that for a second.

Hello Pity-land

If you have had a bad day, we feel for ya, and sure quite a few people can sympathise, and at some point every needs to rant or vent. However, if the only thing you can talk about is how terrible life is, or how things aren’t and never will be same, then you probably need more help than we can provide. The Army of Toy Soldiers is a community, not your personal therapist.

About threads/posts/topics in the forum:

There is a search function. Please use it. If you don’t know how to use it consult your manual or a staff member. If you don’t have access to either of these lie down on the ground, breath lightly and wait for help to arrive. Double threading is punished by flogging.

There are several sections in this forum. Read the description of each and decide carefully where to post a new thread. Misplacing a thread is punished by flogging.

Don’t, I repeat, DON’T derail a thread. It’s confusing to others and an annoying to those who started the original topic. If you feel you have to bring up another topic use an already existing thread or create a new one. Derailing a thread is punished by flogging.

Use descriptive thread titles. We are looking for information. If you’ve discovered the meaning of life and post it in a thread called “wtf????? HAX!!!!!!!!” no one is going to look and you’ll lose many friends that way. Also don’t forget the flogging.

You’ve made a new thread. bravo. But always remember: you are responsible for your thread. If you can’t care for it, don’t create it.

Private talk doesn’t belong in the forums. Don’t use a thread as a private instant messenger. That’s what PMs and actual instant messengers are for.

Toy Soldiers Unite is official a PG-13 environment

As a guideline, just go Google PG-13 Movies, and that’ll give you a save guideline of what that means. The chat and the discord server may be a little more risque, but remains a ‘safe for work’ environment.

PG-13 Definition

* PG-13 – Parents Strongly Cautioned
Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13. Films given this rating may contain sexual content, brief or partial nudity, some strong language and innuendo, humor, mature themes, political themes, terror and/or intense action violence. However, bloodshed is rarely present. This is the minimum rating at which drug content is present; with the exception of Austin Powers and Click, marijuana smoking is the only illegal drug use that can be depicted in a PG-13 movie, with the exception of Forrest Gump, in which a brief scene depicts Jenny snorting cocaine. While PG-13 films usually have more profanity than PG films, this is not necessarily the case. A film that is given a PG-13 rating due to profane language and/or racial insults is given this rating because it contains more of these elements than a PG rating would permit, or the film contains uses of stronger profanities than a PG would permit. A film rated PG-13 for “intense violence” is given this rating if blood is present in a violent way. In recent years, this rating has been used for the majority of American films released.

The Box, Kicks & Bans

The Administrator & Codemonkeys reserve the right to place you in The Box, Kick, or Ban you should fail to comply, or repeatedly ignore the rules, regs & protocols. If a ban is put in place, you will receive a private message through the site detailing exactly why and if it is permanent or temporary.
(For clarification, The Box is when you are temporarily muted.)