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Missions for Toy Soldiers to perform!

Toy Soldier Day Mission: Your Passion, Your Creativity, Your Pinecone!

Toy Soldier Day Mission Bring Your Pineal Gland

Mission Brief

Alright you lot. Gonna actually attempt to plan ahead a bit.
Toy Soldier Day is in a few weeks, and I have an idea that’ll highlight the very core of the Army of Toy Soldiers. YOU!

Between now and February 26th, record and submit a video of yourselves doing what you are the most passionate……

The Surprise Inspection Of Dr. Modius

Sergeant Dutch assigns one of his many agents to investigate and inspect the mysterious Dr. Modius.

TSU Gaming Marathon Raises $2100 for Enable!

Gaming Marathon Success

Between the 1st and 3rd of April, Toy Soldiers across the world gathered together in the digital realm.

Their mission? Stream and game for as long or as often as possible between Friday and Sunday, and raise $2000 for the Enable Community Foundation.

It was a SMASHING success. With Lt. Sophie, Engineer Airhead and SilentAddle leading by example,……

#512 – Waterratten invade Germany

Operation: Invade Zee Germans

Participants: #512-Waterratten Taskforce consisting of: Engineer Airhead, Delina and Gonzo

Objective: Take over Lt. Sophie and Silent Addle’s apartment for games, photoshoots and shenanigans.

It was 11am in the morning on the 21st of August 2015. It was a very hot day. Gonzo was waiting at……

The Annual Gaming Marathon: Mission “Find A Charity”

Gaming Marathon

Hello folks,

Since it is never too early to start planning and we are having big plans for next year’s Gaming Marathon, we want YOU to vote for next year’s charity!

We have selected a few options for you to vote for.

Please note that this poll is only up for the……

TSU Gaming Marathon a smashing success!

Gaming Marathon - Mission Accomplished

Last weekend, Toy Soldiers from across the globe gathered together to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society.

Not only did we smash through the $1000 target (which was last years Gamin Marathons total), but we also smashed through the secondary target of $1500, raising a total of $1565! Donations will remain open until this Wednesday for……

Mission Report: BUCK ’14 Infiltration

BUCK '14 Infiltration

Mike Mcnanner here! I’m pleased to report that my solo-infiltration of the BUCK 2014 brony convention in Manchester, England, was a success. Hardly a surprise, given that bronies are known for being fun, creative and just a little bit insane. In other words, the ideal Toy Soldier!

While there were a few hiccups in the preparations……

Up-cycle that Toy…Soldier!

Upcycle That Toy Soldier Banner

Up-cycle that Toy…Soldier!

We all shed a tear when Andy gave away his precious friends at the end of Toy Story #3! It was sad to see a toy given away because it became useless to the person……

Mission Report: TinkerToy Facepainting Shenanigans!

TinkerToy Facepainting

Time for another mission report from the field, this time from Madame TinkerToy and her facepainting shenanigans!

Greetings Comrades! Madame TinkerToy reporting on Operation Face Paint!The event/fall fest wasn’t supposed to start until about ten, but being a good soldier I set out early in the morning to go help set up…….

Mission Report: Street Clothes Week

Academy of Kempo Street Clothes Week

WE GOT A MISSION REPORT! The Incredible YJ Dark has been at it again, who’s talent for charitable, non-profit and community causes just keeps taking him from strength to strength, submitted this mission report to us recently!

To: TSU-HQ via ToySoldiersUnite@Gmail.com
From: The Incredible Yellow Jacket Dark
Contact: DarkLogicProductions@Yahoo.com
Mission report: Street Clothes Week,
Location: Hamden