Bunker Bots

RobotFrom the people who brought you Mind Control Cookies®, comes the Bunker Bot®

Alright, we didn’t make them. They were in the Digital Bunker when we got here, but we’ve checked them out and they all seem relatively harmless, if somewhat… stupid.

There are 9,999 Bunker Bots, in various degrees of serviceability. Each has its own limited but unique personality, and is capable of performing a large variety of autonomous tasks, such as cooking, cleaning, construction, security, entertainment, deliveries, sorting, maintenance and more. The skill at which they perform these tasks is perhaps questionable, and depends entirely on how well it has been trained.

The Bunker Bots stand at exactly 2 meters (6 feet 7 inches) tall, and are 75 centimeters (30 inches) wide. They are constructed primarily of steel, with plastic and alloy components through out. Their movement is achieved through magneto-servo drivers, controlled by a semi-quantum processor housed within its orb like head. Power is provided through micro-nuclear batteries in their upper backs.

Each Bunker Bot has a unique serial engraved on at the base of their heads and are the primary method for identifying them. Bots can be assigned to a Toy Soldier to assist in their creative endeavours, be it manuevering dangerous chemicals, constructing a water slide, or acting as a test dummy for potentially devastating weapons of mass distraction. Each Toy Soldier is of course responsible for returning the Bot, or at least most of it, at the end of its assignment. Below you will find a list of previous and/or current assignments and tasks Bunker Bots perform.


Serial Number   Assignment/Status
 #1001  Sgt. Dutch’s Personal Assistant
 #1002  Cmdr. JET’s Personal Assistant
 #1111  Archive duties
 #1912 Sent to find telecommunications suite 
 #2323  Formerly in catering
 #2349  Lost during supply run. Employee of the month
 #2716  Fixed by King George
 #3298  Bakerbot
 #4646  Cubee Bot. Hangs out with TS Timmy.
 #4747  Currently just a head on Sgt. Dutch’s desk.
 #5911  Wears stripey scarf, wanders around with random objects in a wheelbarrow
#7745   Legs stolen by hamster. Repaired since.
 #7782 Waiting for Brigadier ‘Iron’ Davis at Camden A&E 
#8899   Can uncoil springs
 #????  Unidentified. Possibly the Hot Dog Man.

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