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Time To Log Out

Nov 27, 2017

Greetings comrades!

Since Commander JET tapped my shoulder to join her as Administrator of Toy Soldiers Unite and leader of the Army, 6 almost 7 years ago, I have had the honor and privilege to be in a position that allowed me an unobstructed view of the Army of Toy Soldiers.

Together, you and I, we’ve seen the site and Army rebuild and focus its vision both outward and inward.
We’ve created music that tingles the senses, and videos to make us giggle and laugh.
We’ve written and read stories that made us happy, sad, angry and curious.
When the call came to aid others in our own unique way, we answered in the form of the Gaming Mammoth, and donated thousands over the years to worthy causes.
And I’ve witnessed friendships forged, passions kindled, and love blossom among the community.

And it’s at this time I’ve decided to take my leave of the Administration position, and leave TSU and the Army of Toy Soldiers in the safe and somewhat hairy hands of Engineer Airhead. It is thanks to him that no disasters have befallen the site, and features such as the ID Generator, The Toy Soldier Map and The Divisions interface were created. Engineer Airhead is also responsible for the beginnings of the annual gaming marathon.
He has a drive and focus that I envy, and I know he’ll do all of you proud as Leader of the Army of Toy Soldiers and Administrator.

As those Administrators before me, I’m going to continue with the ideals of the Toy Soldiers, and pursue my own personal Utopian Playland.
I’m not entirely certain yet in what form that’ll be. A local maker, creating items and goods for people with an appreciation for the weird and wonderful. The host of a cyberpunk show, exploring the reality we find ourselves in. Or perhaps guiding adventurers through science fiction and fantasy realities. It could be all three and more.

What I do know is that without the Army of Toy Soldiers, this sterling community of people from across the globe, I would not be the man I am today, and I owe you all a deep debt of gratitude. Thank you, comrades, for the conversations, the adventures, the relationships, the fun, and the shenanigans. You have inspired me in more ways than I can count, and I hope I can inspire you in return.

My name is Dutch Barracuda, and I will always be a Toy Soldier.

You can find me everywhere on the internet: – Discord: DutchBarracuda#5602
Most likely you’ll find me in other places too, but I’ll let you figure that out yourself.

To A Utopian Playland!

Toy Soldier Day 2017! March forth to a Utopian Playland!

Mar 4, 2017
Toy Soldier Day

Today is March 4th, and upon this day 11 years ago Toy Soldiers Unite & The Army of Toy Soldiers was founded. Every year we celebrate it by taken the day to ourselves to do the things that make us happy, to fuel our pineal gland and stoke the fires of our creativity and imagination!

This year I am very glad to present to you this little video which is the culmination of submissions by Toy Soldiers who wanted to show the world their passions! With music by Dr. Malice & The Absinthetic Orchestra, we hope you’ll share this with friends, family, strangers, unwitting victims, and your dog Gusto.

I honestly wish I could’ve shown the entirety of the videos submitted to TSU-HQ, because they were all brilliant! And for every single comrade who submitted a video, I know there are a thousand more who are doing the same thing, pursuing their passion, engineering their reality, and marching forth towards a Utopian Playland!

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