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How To Find Your Passion

Greetings, fellow soldiers!

As part of Operation: “Propaganda 2k18”, we created a new “How To Find Your Passion” sheet for you to share and hand out. You can find it in our Propaganda Toolkit now as web and print version.

Enjoy spreading the word!

Operation: “Propaganda 2K18”

Initialise Operation: “Propaganda 2K18” … Done.
Initialise Step 1: “Manifesto” … Done.

Check out our new and shiny manifesto on the Propaganda page!

We’re currently working on redoing all the propaganda in our Toolkit. New content, new design!  

The Pinecone Broadcast – What Took So Long?

The Pinecone Broadcast What Took So Long


Toy Soldier Day Mission: Your Passion, Your Creativity, Your Pinecone!

Toy Soldier Day Mission Bring Your Pineal Gland

Mission Brief

Alright you lot. Gonna actually attempt to plan ahead a bit.
Toy Soldier Day is in a few weeks, and I have an idea that’ll highlight the very core of the Army of Toy Soldiers. YOU!

Between now and February 26th, record and submit a video of yourselves doing what you are the most passionate……

10 Year Anniversary Video Project

Dr. Malice has something special in store for the 10 year anniversary of Toy Soldiers Unite & The Army of Toy Soldiers. After having spent much time working upon it, Dr. Malice has created a brand new cover and expansion of the song Build A Playland. Together with Silent Addle, a video will be made……

Why I am a Toy Soldier

Now, I could possibly answer this question with one sentence: To make a change. Or because the Toy Soldiers have become my family. Or because it is the one, big thing I always wanted to be part of. Or…

Ah well, apparently it is not as easy at it seemed. At least,……

Why Propaganda?

Why Propaganda Banner

Why does the Army of Toy Soldiers call their leaflets, posters and videos “Propaganda”? It sounds rather ominous.

You’re right, it does sound ominous. Nefarious even. But harmless in the case of the Toy Soldiers, because what our propaganda is saying is just to go out there, have some fun, be creative, and join the Army……

Propaganda – A Public Service Announcement

Propaganda PSA


In this continued series of Public Service Announcements from TSU-HQ, I give a brief overview of Propaganda, the Army of Toy Soldiers primary method of brainwashing the masses! Share with others, show your friends, brainwash your teachers, and don’t forget to leave a comment.

Spotlight on Toy Soldier Artist: YJ Tinker the Paper Lord!

Spotlight On YJ Tinker Banner


Tinker is a computer tech from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. AKA the frozen Northern Wasteland.
He is also and artist with many talents. I sat down with him for an interview the other night and asked that he share his story with us.

Tinker, when did you become a Toy Soldier?

I became a Toy……