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Toymas Special: Robots for Toymas!

Dec 25, 2017
Robots for Toymas

Happy Toymas!

In celebration of this joyous season, Dr. Malice & The Absinthetic Orchestra would like to pass along their annual audio contribution.

Track 1 is “Robots for Toymas”. In a world where the Robots have suddenly disappeared, only one man can bring them back.
Track 2 is the annual Toymas message to all the listeners.
Track 3 is “Rusty, the Red-Eyed Robot.” Lyrics by the late Professor Jimmy Blue. Additional Lyrics by Dr. Malice.

Thank you all for your continued support.

You can listen to the music on Bandcamp! Or right here.

Dr. Malice & The Absinthetic Orchestra with you a wonderful Toymas with lots of great fun, robots and shenanigans!

Doktor Konundrum – March 4th – New song free to download

Doktor Konundrum - March 4th

The made ape scientist has been let loose on the microphone laying down an assault of radioactive potassium upon your ear canal for March 4th, Toy Soldier Day!

Do check out the Toy Soldiers Unite Audo Labs where you can find some brilliant podcasts and music created by Toy Soldiers!

Happy Toymas – New Music from Dr. Malice & The Absinthetic Orchestra

Dec 23, 2016
Oh Hey Happy Toymas

It’s that time of the year again where we indulged our consumeristic tendencies and gift each other the toys we so eagerly yearn for.

Dr. Malice has once again decided to gift us all with the gift of music, and a special Toymas message to us all. Have a listen:

But wait, there’s more! There’s also a very special new track on his “Oh, Hey! It’s Toymas!” album.

I can neither confirm nor deny the presence of any radioactive material due to legal reasons.

Oh Hey, Happy Toymas is a small album created by Dr. Malice & The Absinthetic Orchestra, available on Bandcamp!

Merry Toymas, and a happy new orbit!

Robot Attack – Elve

Oct 4, 2016
Robot Attack

Build A Playland – Dr. Malice & Toy Soldiers Unite – Music Video

Mar 4, 2016
Build A Playland

F.E.A.R. Our World – New EP From Mechanical Audio

Mar 4, 2016

A special release as part of the celebrations for Toy Soldier Day!

Mechanical Audio’s first Ep “Welcome To Our World” brought you hypnotic bass lines and tripping melody’s to a cinematic feel.

Brought to you from Robin Tindill and The Operator “F.E.A.R. Our World” is the 2nd release from Mechanical Audio and if “Welcome To Our World” was a warm welcome as you slip into your dreams, “F.E.A.R. Our World” is your dreams turning to nightmare. Bass lines that’ll tear through your body and cutting leads accompanied with brutal drums all fused with elements of Industrial, Drum and Bass and Mechanical Audio’s cinematic feel.

Additionally along side the Ep is also Mechanical Audio’s live performance inside a derelict building somewhere in the United Kingdom.

Forget Everything And Remember Our World… or maybe just F.E.A.R. Our World.

10 Year Anniversary Video Project

Dec 28, 2015

Dr. Malice has something special in store for the 10 year anniversary of Toy Soldiers Unite & The Army of Toy Soldiers. After having spent much time working upon it, Dr. Malice has created a brand new cover and expansion of the song Build A Playland. Together with Silent Addle, a video will be made for this song, to celebrate our anniversary.

But more importantly, they need YOUR help, to create audio and video for this project. Watch the video below for further explanation from Dr. Malice.



Thank you for choosing to participate in the SilentAddle/Dr. Malice 10th Anniversary video project! Please watch the above video* and follow the outlined instructions below to submit your, um,….submission!

Audio Rules­
1. Download Audacity (
2. Download desired file to sing/play along with
3. In Audacity, select Import­Audio­ [insert downloaded file name here]
3. Make sure you have a microphone connected. If on a laptop, it’s ok to use your internal mic. Also, be sure to use headphones when recording your audio. This will minimize track bleed from the original track.
4. Press record and sing/play along with the original file
5. On the downloaded file track, press the mute button
6. Select File­Export Audio
7. Select desired output file extension (.wav, .mpeg, .mp3 [download required for this format])
8. Name the file [insert your ToySoldier name here]Audio
9. Export to disk
10. Upload to either GoogleDrive or Dropbox
11. Send the link to [email protected]

Video Rules­
1. Using your webcam, phone, or an actual video camera, record yourself (and some friends if you wish) singing along with the song. Be aware that the audio will be removed from the video file for the final project, so if you want anything specific played in your audio, record a separate audio track that matches the video.
2. Upload your video to either GoogleDrive or Dropbox
3. Send a link to your video to [email protected]

1. Have fun!
2. Wear your uniform!
3. Cookies!
4. Hamsters!
5. It’s the 10th anniversary!

Deadline is February 1st.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Dr. Malice directly at

[email protected]

Dr. Malice Presents: Oh Hey! Happy Toymas

Dr Malice's Apothecary

Dr. Malice & The Absinthetic Orchestra

Oct 21, 2015
Dr. Malice & The Absinthetic Orchestra

Click the brainwashed bear above to take you straight to the album!

It is with great pleasure we get to announce the release of a brand new album created by Dr. Malice, who in recent months has been a huge contributor to the Army of Toy Soldiers with music and audio for various projects.

Dr. Malice & The Absinthetic Orchestra was written, composed, recorded, pasted, boiled, and tortured by Dr. Malice with painstaking care and dedication over the course of several months and is available for £6.50 or £0.65 a track (Roughly $10 USD or $1 USD per track).

Have a listen to a sample of the album right here:

His new album marks the public opening of our own record Label, TSU Audio Labs, created in collaboration with the musical and audio talented Toy Soldiers, the PSIOPS Special Operations Division, and under the supervision of T.F.U. Lucas Usagi. You may have already noticed that nearly all of our podcasts and musics have been embedded using a Bandcamp player, but we’re now happy to point you all in its direction.

Any purchases from the record label go to the artists behind the music, with a small contribution towards Toy Soldiers Unite. So don’t delay, head over to TSU Audio Labs right now!


‘Join TSU’ by Dr. Malice – A ‘Happy’ parody!

Jun 25, 2015
Dr Malice's Apothecary

Toy Soldiers once more amaze us with their passions and talents, and the latest to join the fine tradition of making music for the Army of Toy Soldiers is none other than Dr. Malice!

After a brief comment thread and some discussion with other Toy Soldiers, Dr. Malice (Supposedly also known as Larry Malys) and Toy Soldier DJ Sandman came up with this brilliant parody of Pharrel Williams ‘Happy’, made famous by the movie Despicable Me 2.

So without further adieu, enjoy this brilliant track made purely for your auditorial satisfaction.

Click here to download ‘Join TSU by Dr. Malice’

And you can find the variations here:
Join TSU (Happy Parody)
PSA Intro

And as an added bonus, Dr. Malice produced some instrumental music for Toy Soldiers to freely use in whatever media they wish, so long as credit is given.

Click here to download ‘March Forth by Dr. Malice’

Be sure to check his Soundcloud and the fantastic music he’s creating.

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