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Mammoth partner unlocked: Mechanical Audio

Teaming up with us for their second year, it’s Mechanical Audio.
Providing us with background music for your eargasmical pleasure.

A bit different then all the games that we are going to give away.
This year, we are allowed to use their music during mandatory energy breaks, and give away codes to the full Welcome to our world and F.E.A.R our world album!

Instructions for this give away will be visible on the break screens.

A bit about the artist

Mechanical Audio are a London based live band bringing together brutal drum beats, aggressive bass lines, tearing leads and creepy vocals to bring you an experience like no other. Live shows are a mix of Industrial Dance, Drum ’N’ Bass and Rave Rock. This is in no way a DJ set; Mechanical Audio are here to kill the DJ.

F.E.A.R. Our World – New EP From Mechanical Audio

Mar 4, 2016

A special release as part of the celebrations for Toy Soldier Day!

Mechanical Audio’s first Ep “Welcome To Our World” brought you hypnotic bass lines and tripping melody’s to a cinematic feel.

Brought to you from Robin Tindill and The Operator “F.E.A.R. Our World” is the 2nd release from Mechanical Audio and if “Welcome To Our World” was a warm welcome as you slip into your dreams, “F.E.A.R. Our World” is your dreams turning to nightmare. Bass lines that’ll tear through your body and cutting leads accompanied with brutal drums all fused with elements of Industrial, Drum and Bass and Mechanical Audio’s cinematic feel.

Additionally along side the Ep is also Mechanical Audio’s live performance inside a derelict building somewhere in the United Kingdom.

Forget Everything And Remember Our World… or maybe just F.E.A.R. Our World.

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