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Tales From The Digital Bunker: Fires in the Deep Part 1

Fires In The Deep 1

Re: The Unknown Basement; what everybody knows (or should know)

Deep below the bunker, beyond the known basements where laundries and storerooms bustled with activity, the trash collectors collected and the custodial services had their closets, beyond even the production facility of the hotdog man, lie the unknown basements, a forgotten network……

The Hilarious Adventures of Toy Soldier Dermut.

This month We have a double dose of delectables for you to digest. Enjoy! (That’s an order Soldier!)

There you go, a whole bunch of comics. Want more? check back here next month!

The Hilarious Adventures of Toy Soldier Dermut

Once more, here are some delicious comics by Dermut for your sensitive delectation.

More to follow. Stay tuned!



The Hilarious Adventures of Toysoldier Dermut

More as promised. So Dermut presents, for your delectation:


More will follow. Promise.

Project Return: The return of the Toy Soldier Comics

The Return Of The Hilarious Adventures of Dermut

In the beginning there was nothing.
Then the challenge was issued. Toy Soldier related comics, go make some.
Many flocked to the challenge. Some succeeded.
But tragedy, real life and technical problems finally dropped the mic and the silence ruled.
From within that silence, a phoenix is rising and the challenge is issued again.

Spotlight on Toy Soldier Artist: Dermut!

Spotlight On Dermut Banner

Dermut is a soldier who we have seen around for years now, posting comics and graphics of us Toy Soldiers! We all enjoy them and we wanted to know more about him. He was kind enough to have an interview with us and tell us a bit more about himself.
He was born in Amsterdam,……

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