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Toymas Special: Robots for Toymas!

Robots for Toymas

Happy Toymas!

In celebration of this joyous season, Dr. Malice & The Absinthetic Orchestra would like to pass along their annual audio contribution.

Track 1 is “Robots for Toymas”. In a world where the Robots have suddenly disappeared, only one man can bring them back.
Track 2 is……

Spotlight on Toy Soldier Artist/Musician: Loz Tronic

Spotlight On Loz Tronic Banner

This week we focus our Spotlight on the amazing artist and musician Loz Tronic!
She lives in Haywards Heath in the UK, a gloomy commuter town in the South East of England. She is currently self-employed as a freelance audiobook proof-listener – basically she listens to raw audiobook .mp3 files and checks them against the……