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Toy soldier of the Week – Sgt. Dutch

Back from the dead, it’s time for another Toy soldier of the Week!

This week, Sgt. Dutch was nominated for TSOTW!
Partially because of all the hard work he has put into the TSU as administrator for almost 7 years.
But mainly because he could no longer veto the votes on the nomination!

But seriously though, it has to be said.
Dutch has been a solid backbone for the army for many years.
And has provided many members, old and new, with irregular scheduled entertainment.
Keeping the armory up and running, and sending you all the merchandise you could possibly buy.
Being the main contact in both the Discord server as well as through the contact form.
To the point where he could not take it anymore and finally caved in making me admin as well.

He was a great administrator, as much as he still is a great friend and influential member for the TSU.
And we hope to see much more from him, now that he doesn’t have to spend that much time behind a PC.
Replying to emails, paying bills and making sure that the Q.V.R.E.S.S. doesn’t explode. 

Sgt. Dutch!

We, the Army of Toy Soldiers, SALUTE YOU!

Want to nominate someone for TSOTW?
Head over to the forums to place your nomination with explanation ;)

Toy Soldier Of The Week: Commander JET

Commander JET TSOTW

It is with great personal pride, and great honour, that I can announce that this weeks Toy Soldier Of The Week is the wearer of the greatest boots, collector of many a gasmask, and highest flier of them all, Commander JET!

Commander JET has recently stepped down from her position as Administrator, due to her commitments elsewhere, but as she remains a Toy Soldier, the “Admins don’t get TSOTW” Rule no longer applies.

As such, I think I speak for everyone in the Army of Toy Soldiers, when I say, THANK YOU. Thank you for years of guidance, leadership, missions, propaganda, invasions and fun. Without your continued efforts, we would not be standing where we are now. In fact, it may be that the Digital Bunker might have closed its doors forever, without you.

On a personal note, she has not only been my Commander, but my mentor and friend, and I hope to continue on as the administrator she inspired me to be.

Commander JET!

We, the Army of Toy Soldiers, SALUTE YOU!

Toy Soldier Of The Week – Scouter715

Toy Soldier Of The Week Scouter715

This weeks Toy Soldier Of The Week is Scouter715!

He has been nominated for his amazing podcast, which is in fact the longest running podcast by a member of the Army of Toy Soldiers. Scouter715 continuously explores the wonders of the Army, and those associated with it, including his latest podcast interviewing Professor Elemental which you can listen to here, and on top of this he does regular livestreams which you can find on his twitch channel here.

So, Scouter715!

We, the Army of Toy Soldiers, SALUTE YOU!

Toy Soldier Of The Week – Dr. Malice

Toy Soldier Of The Week Dr. Malice

This weeks Toy Soldier Of The Week is Dr. Malice!

Dr. Malice was nominated not only for his skilful written contributions to the 12 Days of Toymas, but also the wonderful musical additions in the form of ‘Oh Hey! Happy Toymas!’.

There’s also the work he’s doing with aid from Silent Addle ahead of the 10 Year Anniversary on Toy Soldier Day.

So Dr. Malice!

We, the Army of Toy Soldiers, SALUTE YOU!

Toy Soldier Of The Week – Danov Valravn!

Congratulations to Spymaster General Danov Valravn for becoming this weeks Toy Soldier Of The Week!

He’s been nominated for his bravery and efforts during the 12 Days Of Toymas Initiative, taking the first slot, getting his story in quick, and going outside of his usual genre (of spooky ass stories, seriously, read the Hot Dog Man stories) for writing the final Toymas tale tying all the other stories together.

Spymaster Danov Valravn!

We, the Army of Toy Soldiers, SALUTE YOU!

Toy Soldier Of The Week – Apothecary Chrysalice

After unanimous vote, Apothecary Chrysalice has been nominated as Toy Solder Of The Week!

Toy Soldiers from across the interwebs nominated her for her steely resolve and determination for organizing the 12 Days of Toymas initiative under the purview of the W.R.I.T.E. Special Operations Division.

With the stealth of a ninja, she co-ordinated and organise her fellow Spec Ops members into writing twelve short stories about the shenanigans committed in the lead up to Toymas in the Digital Bunker, and managing not to raise the suspicions of the Administrators (No seriously, we had no clue they were up to anything, which is probably a first. This is a testament to Chrysalice’s and W.R.I.T.E.’s sneakiness)

So Apothecary Chrysalice!

We, the Army of Toy Soldiers, SALUTE YOU!

Toy Soldier Of The Week: The #512 Waterraten!

Toy Soldier(s) Of The Week 512 Waterratten

This weeks Toy Soldier Of The Week is not just one Toy Soldier, but an entire division!

The 512th Waterratten from the Netherlands have made one hell of an impact this past weekend at the Dutch Comic Con in Utrecht. Already new recruits have been popping up online, and more are expected.

The invasion was headed up by LED Master Gonzo, with help from Sokamin, Engineer Airhead, Delina, Hekkers, Dermut, DyingMuppet Nurse Shar and even imported Dothrah from the UK! A special merch pack was sent over to TS Gonzo which went down a treat with con-goers, and Gonzo rustled up cookies to be handed out.

The 512th division even got interviewed by ASN Gaming

As is becoming tradition for ANY invasion at a comic con of any type, saturday night was designated pizza night.

A full mission report will be available very shortly.

#512 Division, we the Army of Toy Soldiers, SALUTE YOU!

Toy Soldier of the Week: Engineer Airhead YJ!!!

This week’s Toy Soldier of the week is the amazing Engineer Airhead!
Last year he hosted the charity drive Operation: TSU Gaming Marathon! This year he co-hosted it and put in just as much effort! He kept the Minecraft channel going the whole weekend and helped raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society
Airhead along with many other soldiers had a fun weekend chatting and gaming together! You can check out some of the screen shots and hear more about the event from our other blog TSU Gaming Marathon a smashing success!
Thank you again Airhead for your tremendous support in this worldwide Toy Soldiers Unite event!!
Big *salutes* to you!! :D

Toy Soldier of the Week: The Sky Marshal, YJ

Sky Marshal Jonny B. Goode YJ -TSOTW Banner

jonny twotw
This weeks Toy Soldier of the week is our ever enthusiastic:The Sky Marshal, YJ, (Jonny B. Goode!)
He was nominated by his fellow soldiers for writing an insightful look at how one Soldier can make a difference in activity with this post: Nuking your division He speaks of the different things he has done throughout the years to keep things going in his sector and gives some sound advice that others can follow. If you are a new or older soldier this is a must read!
The Sky Marshal has always been a positive force as a soldier. He is always hoping to progress activity within Toy Soldiers Unite and in the outside world with local events and divisions.
We thank you for all the time and energy you give us Jonny and hope that you continue to inspire us for many years to come!
We all *salute* You!

Toy Soldier Of The Week: Toy Soldier Timmy!

Toy Soldier Timmy TSOTW Banner

Toy Soldier Timmy!

This weeks nominated Toy Soldier is…. well, it’s Timmy!

Toy Soldier Timmy is the creation of YJ Tinker the Paper Lord. Timmy came about initially as a propaganda tool to leave dotted around various places in public, easily made simply by printing out his template. However here at the TSU-HQ he has provided valuable assistance to myself and Commander JET in the on-going operations of the Digital Bunker.

It is for these reasons that Toy Soldier Timmy has been nominated. He has a squeeky voice that gets on my nerves something awful, but has proven he’s extremely rugged when faced with things like lit stove tops, kitchen sinks filled with soapy water, being catapulted through the air, operating camera’s, and most importantly, he brings a smile to everyone’s face.

So Toy Soldier Timmy! We, the Army of Toy Soldiers, SALUTE YOU!

(If you want a Toy Soldier Timmy of your own, Robot #4646 or even a chibi Commander JET clone, check out the forums here to download them)

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