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The Hilarious Adventures of Toy Soldier Dermut.

This month We have a double dose of delectables for you to digest. Enjoy! (That’s an order Soldier!)

There you go, a whole bunch of comics. Want more? check back here next month!

The Hilarious Adventures of Toy Soldier Dermut

Once more, here are some delicious comics by Dermut for your sensitive delectation.

More to follow. Stay tuned!



The Hilarious Adventures of Toysoldier Dermut

More as promised. So Dermut presents, for your delectation:


More will follow. Promise.

Project Return: The return of the Toy Soldier Comics

The Return Of The Hilarious Adventures of Dermut

In the beginning there was nothing.
Then the challenge was issued. Toy Soldier related comics, go make some.
Many flocked to the challenge. Some succeeded.
But tragedy, real life and technical problems finally dropped the mic and the silence ruled.
From within that silence, a phoenix is rising and the challenge is issued again.
Toy Soldier comics, come make some!

If this was wise…… only time will tell.



For your Delectation:


For previous comics by Dermut, please visit here or here. For the original thread with all the goodies go here.

Dermut’s Comics Reach 100!

The Hilarious Adventures of Toy Soldier Dermut Cover

For the past 6 months, Toy Soldier Dermut has been busy entertaining the Army with his short comic strips, OF the Army! With Toy Soldiers, robots, the digital bunker, adventures, and even Toy Soldier Timmy, we’re always looking forward to the next comic.
This is the mission report he sent in to us today:


Mission report:
 TSU Comics

Location: Groningen/TSU digital bunker
State/Providence: Groningen
Country: The Netherlands

Date: 11/06/2012 – 30/01/2013

Message: After reading this post by Dr. Sheilagh R. Elfinstone (, having some experience in the comic industry, though on an amateur level, I decided to take up the gauntlet. Now. slightly more then 6 months later, I have reached the benchmark of 100 original created comic strips. My fellow soldiers seem to like it. Thus we head of into the next hundred instalments in the hope that my little scribblings will bring more joy and fun to my fellow soldiers all over the world.

I am improving all the time in the use of the new techniques I am utilising in the creation of this little serial. Who knows I might actually get better at it. LOL.

Yours sincerely,

TS Dermut no# 39004

And this week, we’re celebrating his 100th comic strip! That’s right, ONE HUNDRED! And they are all here for you to delight your visionary senses!

[imagebrowser id=9]

Toy Soldier comics by Dermut – The First 49!

The Hilarious Adventures Of Toy Soldier Dermut

The Army of Toy Soldiers his home to many excellent artists, makers, creators, and do’ers of random stuff.

This time we’d like to feature an ongoing comic strip created by Dermut, who’s had us in tears with laughter for the past few months with these.

Until further notice, we don’t see him stopping. The duct tape and rope doesn’t seem to stop him either for that matter, so here we are!

You can find more of his, and other comic creations right here


[nggallery id=9]

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