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Category: Tales From The Digital Bunker

With a growing army, and a digital bunker of unknown scale, Toy Soldiers share their stories of day-to-day life, missions, discoveries, and shenanigans.

The Screwdriver Maniac


Keeping the Digital Bunker in a state of maximum operational effectiveness requires far more resources to be at our disposal than we currently have. So awhile back it was decided that the best state we could hope for was “It’ll do for now.”. This is certainly not an indictment of those Toy Soldiers……

Lullaby – Part 3

“What is this?” Gonzo looked at Sophie in utter confusion. Did they have musical machines down there? A sentient synthesizer? Both moved their heads back towards the screen. “That’s it!”, Sophie shouted excitedly. “It’s that shadow!” In the distance they could see a figure, resembling a human silhouette. As Major slowly moved closer, the sound……

Lullaby – Part 2

“Eureka!” Lt. Sophie shouted happily as she watched Major looking around curiously with its new ‘eye’. Finally, it was done, and it even worked immediately. She made a note in the back of her head to mark this special day in the calendar as those things rarely ever happen. After a month of waiting for……

Lullaby – Part 1

Lieutenant Sophie had just finished the software update for her cybernetic vision enhancement, as the automatic pet door to her bunker room slid open, and a tiny spider bot entered the room. “Hello, Major. You’re back from your adventure already?”
*Bleep bleep boop* “I see”, she said smiling, “And now you’re here for a snack.”……



Every day I do the same thing, I wake up and prepare for my daily dealings in the bunker. Every day I do the same thing. Every day, I do something. Today is unlike the other days, today I took a left instead of a right. Today I winded up a different part of the……


The alarm sounded off, jolting Airhead from his sleep and causing him to slam his head against the desk he was recovering under. It was the first moment’s peace he’d had in three days after having trouble with painstakingly parsing XML files. He was by all accounts exhausted and desperate to catch even an……


The anomaly was first discovered by one of the Codemonkeys while running through a regular update check on the main Virtual Access Portal [V.A.P.] to the Digital Bunker. According to the Codemonkey report -covered in dirt, monkey excrements and a banana peel- the upgrade terminal was insisting on rolling back to a previous version. The reason……


I am Robot #1912. I have been designated the task of finding the old telecommunication suite within bunker area 9. This area of the bunker is noticeably underutilised, deemed derelict by the Administrator.
Walking through the corridors my visual scans are detecting large amounts of dust, hamster droppings and in one case, what appeared to be some form of……

A Mallardy in Romance

“Quackington! Where are you? Mister I’s getting the ship ready, we gotta go!” The Captain’s voice echoed down the hall, getting louder with every step.

“I…I guess I have to leave, too.” Quackington stuttered as he stared into her dark, beady eyes one last time.

She stared back and gave a half smile. “I promise I’ll write……

Lost and Found

Lost & Found

The lost and found office located on floor 5-B corridor 23 has been abandoned for a long time now. Back then, when there were tens of thousands of Toy Soldiers marching the halls it was a different story… So many people, so much mess. Lost pets, wallets, ID-cards – heck you can even find some……