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Each week Commander JET interviews Toy Soldiers known for their skill, creativity, and relentless pursuit of their passions.

Spotlight on Toy Soldier Electronic Tinkerer: LED-Master Gonzo!

Spotlight On Gonzo banner

This weeks Interrogation Spotlight is aimed at LED-Master Gonzo! He grew up in Bussum, a medium sized town in The Netherlands. He now lives in Amersfoort a city not far from where he grew up.

When did……

Spotlight on Toy Soldier Craftsman/Hacker: YJ Rev. Geoff Nicholson!

Spotlight On YJ Rev. Geoff Nicholson Banner

This week’s Spotlight is aimed at YJ Rev. Geoff Nicholson! He was born, raised and still lives in Albuquerque, NM. Although he travels a heck of a lot!

When did you become a Toy Soldier?
I Discovered Doctor……

Spotlight on Toy Soldier Musician, Composer, Writer: Zilpher Mercurius Drax!

Spotlight On Zilpher Mercurius Drax Banner

This week our Spotlight gets an extra special treat as we turn it towards Zilpher Mercurius Drax of the fantastic band Marquis of Vaudeville! They did a song a while back called Utopian Playland and have gained……

Spotlight on Toy Soldier Designer, Prop maker, FX make-up artist: Lt. JDUK!

Spotlight On Lieutenant JDUK Banner

This weeks we need several spotlights as we turn them to Lieutenant JDUK! He grew up in South East London. He now I lives in South West London to be close to his Uni. He is also……

Spotlight on Toy Soldier Artist: Broken Looney!

Spotlight On Broken Looney Banner

We have a new artist to shine our Spotlight on this week; Broken Looney! She was born in Florence, Arizona (USA). Her family moved around a lot so by the time she was three-ish, she lived in……

Spotlight on Toy Soldier Artist/Musician: T.F.U. Lucas Usagi!

Spotlight On Lucas Usagi Banner

This week our Spotlight zooms in on T.F.U. Lucas Usagi (aka Lewis Morris) He grew up in West Virginia and still lives there to this day. He considers Morgantown to be his hometown even-though he lives a……

Spotlight on Toy Soldier Electronic Craftsman: Sgt. Voltor!

Spotlight On Sgt. Voltor Banner

This week we are turning our Spotlight towards our Sgt. Voltor! He grew up in Waukegan Illinois, the oldest of two kids. They moved to Gurnee IL. in 1991, but he moved back to Waukegan a couple……

Spotlight on Toy Soldier Artist / Seamstress: YJ Caecilia Kolibri!

Spotlight On YJ Caecilia Kolibri banner

This time we aim our Spotlight on YJ Caecilia Kolibri! She has always lived in San Diego, California. She is currently a henna tattoo artist/face painter at Belmont Park in Mission Beach, CA. Which is an amusement……

Spotlight on Toy Soldier Codemonkey: Engineer Airhead!

Spotlight On Engineer Airhead Banner

This week we aim our Spotlight at our very own Codemonkey: Engineer Airhead! He lives in a smallish town called Dongen, somewhere in the south of the Netherlands. Having yet to fly out of the nest, this……

Spotlight on Toy Soldier Craftsman: 3D Sniper!

Spotlight On 3D Sniper Banner

This week we turn our Spotlight towards 3D Sniper.
He grew up in a rural area, it was a small town called Ochten, an old roman trading post on the Waal river, with about 4500 inhabitents, 2500……