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Category: Invasions

The latest Invasions from all around the world!

MCM Expo London 2017 After-action report!

Every year for the past 7 years now, Toy Soldiers Unite has been at the MCM Expo in London. It is one of the largest conventions in Europe for everything related to movies, comics, TV, games and more and is regularly attended by over 100,000 guests. This year has been no different.

Our table this year……

The 6th Annual Doo Dah Parade Invasion!

This report just in from: The Sky Marshal

We few, we happy few, we band of Toy Soldiers! TSU invaded the


Pasadena Doo Dah parade for the sixth time this past Nov. 22nd! (For those unfamiliar with the parade: it is considered the “twisted sister” of the famous Rose Bowl parade, an irreverent……

Operation: Attack of the Waterratten at Dutch Comic Con

It all started on Friday morning when I had to pick up Doth’Rah from Schiphol Airport. After a short wait at the arrival gate Doth’Rah stepped through the door and had arrived in The Netherlands for the first time. I had been warned about the events that followed. We were standing in line for the……


OPERATION DOO DAHMINATION: The Fifth Annual DOO DAH Invasion, was an amazing success! We had people from as far as Buena Park to the south and California City to the north! We all got there a couple of……

Toy Soldiers Invade MCM Expo – Shenanigans Committed

The MCM Expo in London, is one of the biggest Comic Cons in the world, and as such, as attracted a regular attendance from the Army of Toy Soldiers. LED-Master Gonzo was kind enough to send in a mission report for us to share with everyone.

I woke up early Friday morning at the hostel, having……

2014 Autumn Mondocon TSU invasion!!

Mission report

We wanted to make something different than the usual mission reports, so this time, we not just made a simply report. We made a video for you to all the Toy Soldiers. The 2014 Fall’s Mondocon invasion,……

Mission Report: BUCK ’14 Infiltration

BUCK '14 Infiltration

Mike Mcnanner here! I’m pleased to report that my solo-infiltration of the BUCK 2014 brony convention in Manchester, England, was a success. Hardly a surprise, given that bronies are known for being fun, creative and just a little bit insane. In other words, the ideal Toy Soldier!

While there were a few hiccups in the preparations……

2014 Summer Mondocon Toy Soldier Invasion!!

Mondocon invasion banner

Mission report!

We met with our fellow soldiers at 10:15. We greeted the freshly enlisted members.

Operation: MCM Expo London, England…A Success!

London MCM Expo Comic Con Banner

As many of you know we recently had a huge event in London, England. Many of our soldiers attended!
If any of you would like to send in a story of this event I will gladly add……

Operation: MotorCity ComicCon…A Success!

Motorcity Comic Con 2014 banner

Operation: MotorCity Comicon…A Success!
This event took place in Novi, Michigan the weekend of May 16th, 17th and 18th, 2014.
The convention held over 40,000 attendees and 4 of them were Toy Soldiers!

It started the preceding Thursday when……