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Doktor Konundrum – March 4th – New song free to download

Doktor Konundrum - March 4th

The made ape scientist has been let loose on the microphone laying down an assault of radioactive potassium upon your ear canal for March 4th, Toy Soldier Day!

Do check out the Toy Soldiers Unite Audo Labs where you can find some brilliant podcasts and music created by Toy Soldiers!

Robot Attack – Doktor Konundrum

Robot Attack Banner

Doktor Konundrum 102

Doktor Konundrum

Greetings once again! In this episode, the Dok explores the natural radioactive properties of bananas, teaches us important phrases in the monkey language, and answers some fan mail!

He also demonstrates his theremin playing! Not sure what a theremin is? Well…it’s one of the first electronic instruments ever created and its played by disrupting magnetic fields – you don’t even touch the thing to play it! Used often in classic science fiction and horror films, it is known for it’s haunting sounds. If you’d like to know more, CLICK THE LINK!

Or to see the inventor’s amazing skill with it, click here:…
(Yes, we here at Konundrum labs are aware that many people are completely grossed out by that word)
Thanks to everyone that sent fan mail!
Like the Dok on Facebook at:

Send your fan mail and questions to:
[email protected]

Doktor Konundrum 101

Doktor Konundrum

The Dok discusses the Atomic Age, Mind Control, and Reviews Fan Mail! Brace yourselves for an intellectually stimulating good time!

Like the Dok on Facebook at:

Send your fan mail and questions to:
[email protected]

To see the full Quackington’s Quackers Info-mercial, head on over here

Cap’n C. Worthy and friends are enlist in the Army of Toy Soldiers
– An organization dedicated to taking over the world with fun and bringing about a Utopian Playland!

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