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The Gaming Mammoth: RPG Edition

Roll For Initiative

The Gaming Mammoth is coming soon (details post coming this week) and there is something that needs to be discussed from my side.

This year, we are going to be running a tabletop RPG game as part of the event and when I say “we” I do in fact mean we.

Are you a tabletop gamer? Want to take part in a single campaign and raise money for a good cause? Great, read on!

We are going to need someone with DM’ing experience, if no one else has any experience or is willing to run a game then I will take point on that but my experience is limited so if we have someone who doesn’t mind working with me on this it would just be so much easier.

The aim will be to start a game on the Friday of the Mammoth (March 31st) at about 10pm Uk time, run a single shot campaign until it’s over and then never speak of it again.

So right now I am looking for people with experience DM’ing tabletop games, people who want to play a game for a good cause.

Experience using Roll20 is a benefit but not needed, but you need to be free March 31st, from at least half an hour before the game is scheduled to start (should be about 5pm East-coast American time).

Most important of all, this is going to be livestreamed on twitch as part of the Gaming Mammoth, so if you can’t handle either your face or voice being on display, don’t volunteer.

It has been suggested to me, by a relatively reliable D&D channel on Twitch that we include some kind of… in-game hi-jinks for donations as apparently it encourages donations so you need to consider this as well.

So, who is interested, if you need to confirm the date closer to the day by all means just let me know, but let me know if you’re a firm or soft confirmation and what you’re up for (playing or DM’ing).

Good gaming guys!

Mind Control Cookie Recipe Collection Wanted

Feb 9, 2017
The Search For Mind Control Cookie Recipes

Right you fudgers, you chocolatiers and you pieces of sugary delight. I have need of your help, but it’s for a good cause, well it’s for fun and if that isn’t a good cause then I don’t know what is.

So, I am looking to make the Toy Soldier Mind Control Cookie Recipe Book.

For too long we have each had our own recipe for the mind control cookies, without a central resource to share them, well we are going to change this.

I need you to send me your cookie recipes, send me your specialties and your guilty secrets, if it is a link just comment it here or PM it to me, if you need to write the recipe out then PM me for my email address so you can send me the file without clogging up this thread.

Identical recipes will be dealt with on a “This one turned out best” basis, cookie recipes with a twist will be a sub-category of the original, all cookies will be considered and all submissions will be credited appropriately.

As for naming, your cookies will need a name, they can’t just be “Chocolate chip”, if you do not provide a name then one shall be provided for you.

All cookies will be made and photographed, so we can be sure of quality but they will need to be made with ingredients that are freely available, if your cookie requires a very specific ingredient that can’t be found in another country, and can’t be substituted for a generic ingredient we can’t use your recipe, we have users in America and across Europe so we need to be mindful of this, additionally please avoid mentioning specific brands in your recipe for the same reason, list the generic ingredient.

Once this book is completed, it will be freely available as a PDF file and I will bug Dutch to put a copy in the site’s propaganda directory.

So, go ahead punk, make my day and lets get to baking.

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