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Toy Soldier of the Week: Commander JET!

Commander JET TSOTW


This weeks Toy Soldier of the Week award goes to Commander JET for the lovely new banner she made for us!  She has also made many of the other graphics on our site as well as shop items, and she is always willing to help out fellow soldiers whenever they need something made.  She is a master with the virtual paintbrush and her art is but one of the many ways she contributes to our digital bunker.  Thanks once again Commander JET for all of your hard work and dedication to TSU!

We salute you!

Toy Soldier Of The Week: Lt. Sophie!

Lieutenant Sophie TSOTW

This week’s Toy Soldier of the Week is Lt Sophie for starting the Reality Engineering Project.  If you haven’t checked out that thread yet, you really should.  Lt. Sophie has taken the ideas that Doctor Steel put out there and strives to take them further.  This kind of thought provoking discussion is truly something that us Toy Soldiers can admire!


Lt. Sophie, we salute you!

Toy Soldier Of The Week: Captain Mayo!

Captain YJ Mayo TSOTW

This weeks Toy Soldier Of The Week award goes to Captain Mayo for his super cool R.I.D.E. videos made with his GoPro as well as his coordination of the TSU Toy Soldier Day HQ video.  (All of that as well as more video propaganda can also be viewed at the Army Of Toy Soldiers YouTube  channel, by the way.)  Mayo has, time and again, proven himself to be an excellent Toy Soldier, an asset to TSU staff, and an all around good guy.  We appreciate your continued efforts to bring us awesome new video propaganda, Mayo!  We salute you!




Hey! Check Out This TSU Exclusive Interview!

Feb 25, 2013
Toy Soldiers Unite Propaganda Graphic

Toy Soldier Of The Week: Jonny B. Goode!

Sky Marshal Jonny B. Goode YJ TSOTW

Touted as “the current equivalent* of the male version of Kato” by a fellow YJ, Sky Marshal Jonathan Baines “Jonny B.” Goode, YJ is this weeks’ Toy Soldier of the Week for keeping TSU visible and up-to-date on our very own Wikipedia page.  He continually strives to live the Toy Soldier ideal of fun, even as circumstances have been particularly difficult recently.  He regularly organizes invasions of Pasadena’s Doo Dah Parade.  He was also recently featured on the Gentlemen of Steampunk Facebook page, sporting a particularly snazzy Dr. Steel tie tack.

Jonny, for your style, creativity, and continual contributions to TSU, we thank you and salute you!



*Dr Steel pastie photo currently unavailable for comparison

Toy Soldier Of The Week: Jade Valor!

Jade Valor TSOTW


Seen here sporting some spectacular smiley spectacles, Jade Valor has been named this week’s Toy Soldier of the Week for his constant enthusiasm and support of his fellow soldiers.  Be it greeting new soldiers, participating in discussions, or playing forum games, Jade is always around to share fun and positivity.  That kind of all around happiness and joy is what we’re all about here at TSU!  We’re glad to have ya on board!



Toy Soldier Of The Week: Lieutenant JDUK!

MCM Expo London Invasion October 2012

Lieutenant JDUK is this week’s Toy Soldier of the Week for his work at the October MCM London invasion!  He ran the invasion and table at the event, and by all accounts is also a one of a kind, dapper chap.  More pics and details of the event are forthcoming, I can only assume participants are still suffering from a touch of the Con Drop.


Until then, here is a small taste of the fun that JDUK and the rest of the TSU-UK crew brought about:


Giant Robot Head, very dapper indeed










And… Ermm…










Oh my…Wait, what was I talking about?


Ah , yes.  Congratulations, JDUK!  Once again, the Toy Soldiers salute you for your efforts!

Toy Soldier Of The Week: Sgt. Dutch!!

Sergeant Dutch TSOTW

Sgt. Dutch has been voted Toy Soldier of the Week for his constant efforts supporting, maintaining, updating, etcetera-ing our lovely digital bunker.  He is continually giving of his time (and his pocketbook), seeking out and testing improvements in order to bring us cool new plugins and features to use.

It’s easy for us to enjoy the site without much thought to the work that goes into it.  But Dutch remains continually vigilant, working behind the scenes and at all hours to keep out bugs, spammers and other general nastiness while keeping in the FUN that is synonymous with TSU.

Sergeant Dutch, we thank you and salute you!

Toy Soldier Of The Week: Pvt Morglum!

Private Morglum TSOTW

This weeks Toy Soldier of the Week award goes to Pvt Morglum!  His recent efforts include the invasion and requisition of the HMS Belfast, a battleship museum on the river Thames.  He has also participated in a video shoot for Professor Elemental and worked to increase activity in his divisions.  This has gained him recognition and thanks from his fellow solders.  After all, a battleship could come in handy someday!  (Swing by and pick me up next time you’re sailing through the Pacific, would ya?  I’d love to go on a tour through TSU UK territory!)

We salute you, Pvt Morglum!



Toy Soldier Of The Week: Caecilia Kolibri!

Caecilia Kolibri TSOTW
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