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The 6th Annual Doo Dah Parade Invasion!

Dec 3, 2015

This report just in from: The Sky Marshal

We few, we happy few, we band of Toy Soldiers! TSU invaded the


Pasadena Doo Dah parade for the sixth time this past Nov. 22nd! (For those unfamiliar with the parade: it is considered the “twisted sister” of the famous Rose Bowl parade, an irreverent celebration of crazy, eccentric fun, including entries like drivable cupcakes, the Flying Baby Nap-time Aerialists (who launched baby dolls from a bassinet catapult), and a pink Cadillac converted into a drivable hot tub. We are considered veteran crowd favorites, and memorabilia and photos of our group appeared in a museum exhibit of the parade last year!)

Though there were only four of this year, we made the most of it: a number of media were there interviewing and taking photos of us, and we were mentioned in the Los Angeles Times and the Pasadena Independent! We had a lot of fun, and literally passed out boxloads of propaganda (an estimated 1,000-1,200 pieces) to eager parade-goers! Attendees were: techie5ive, who leads the SoCal 1123rd “Fibonacci” Division as well as Division 101, the LA Faults, Nurse Chizel, bravely wearing an all-black zentai suit in this hot event and looking after the Buzzsaw Baby, Sgt. Smiles, our resident Doc clone, and of course The Sky Marshal, who has organized and led this event from day one, representing the 2007th Bakersfield “Ft. Nelson” division this year.

Thank you for the report Jonny, Sky Marshall, YJ! And Thank you ALL for your efforts, TechiefIve, Nurse Chizel and Sgt. Smiles! Great work!! :D

Toy Soldier of the Week: Engineer RAD!!

Jun 22, 2015

This week’s Toy Soldier of the Week is Engineer RAD! He marched with 10,000 others through Belfast demanding that same-sex marriage be made legal. He also gave a speech on stage to everyone who attended the event.
Read all about it here!
This is a fine example of a Toy Soldier standing up for what they believe in and bringing our world ever closer to a Utopian Playland with equal rights for all!
Engineer RAD we would like to Applaud, Salute and Thank you for putting forth such efforts in making the world a better place! :)

Toy Soldier of the Week: Cap’n C. Worthy!

May 17, 2015

This week’s Toy Soldier of the Week is the Astounding Cap’n C. Worthy! For months now he has been creating short videos and posting them to youtube on his channel “The Adventures of Cap’n C. Worthy” They are very fun to watch and they are definitely a Toy Soldiers brand of humor! So take just a bit and check these out!
Cap’n we really like what you are doing, keep up the great work!
Thank you for all the time and effort you and your friends have been putting into entertaining us all! :D

Toy Soldier of the Week: Korporal Kopper!

Apr 20, 2015

This Weeks Toy Soldier of the Week is Korporal Kopper! He and Scout Jade embarked on an adventure they called:Operation Zoo Recon DSM1!! Please read all about this tactical playtime mission in the post! See the pictures! Embrace the fun!:D
Thank you for your Wonderful report Korporal Kopper, and your lovely scout Jade! ;)
We here at TSU give you both a huge *salute*

Toy Soldier of the Week: Engineer Airhead YJ!!!

This week’s Toy Soldier of the week is the amazing Engineer Airhead!
Last year he hosted the charity drive Operation: TSU Gaming Marathon! This year he co-hosted it and put in just as much effort! He kept the Minecraft channel going the whole weekend and helped raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society
Airhead along with many other soldiers had a fun weekend chatting and gaming together! You can check out some of the screen shots and hear more about the event from our other blog TSU Gaming Marathon a smashing success!
Thank you again Airhead for your tremendous support in this worldwide Toy Soldiers Unite event!!
Big *salutes* to you!! :D

Toy Soldier of the week: Lt. Sophie!!!

Mar 1, 2015

Lt sophie banner

This week’s Toy Soldier of the week is the incredible Lt. Sophie She did an amazing job at organizing and executing this year’s Operation: TSU Gaming Marathon! Starting this last Friday, She along with many other soldiers denied of sleep, kept going all weekend! Some played, some chatted, some donated, and they were all an important part of this event! They put in all the time they possibly could in order to help raise money to help The Alzheimer’s Society.
We have received donations from all over the globe and currently have raised: $1565 U.S.D!!
Thank you so very much Lt.Sophie for all your time and dedication towards this mission!
We The Army of Toy Soldiers give you a huge *salute*

Lancaster Christmas Parade Invasion 2014!!

Dec 15, 2014

Another fine report from the Parade King The Sky Marshal, YJ

Lancaster Christmas Parade Invasion

Five years after being asked to leave the Antelope Valley Fair during the 1123rd’s ill-fated invasion to see Weird Al Yankovic, the Toy Soldiers are back in the AV, and in a bold way! The newly formed 661st Desert Foxes, which includes the Antelope Valley and Santa Clarita areas of northern Los Angeles County, proudly stepped forward, marching to a Utopian Playland in the Lancaster Christmas Parade! Although some that wished to march were unfortunately unable to attend, The Sky Marshal, Dr. Mystery, his wife Fancy Roses and their son Sebastian took the TSU banner, some bubbles – and a buzzsaw baby – and marched down Lancaster Blvd to the cheers of the onlookers.



Marching photo taken by Wayne MO’Foe


Nov 18, 2014

DooDah 2014

OPERATION DOO DAHMINATION: The Fifth Annual DOO DAH Invasion, was an amazing success! We had people from as far as Buena Park to the south and California City to the north! We all got there a couple of hours early for the traditional Denny’s breakfast. As I was walking into the Denny’s, parade organizer Tom Coston came up to shake my hand and said, “our favorite group is here! You guys really get what we’re all about.”

We found ourselves a place near the back of the parade, but just before the parade was about to step off, Tom and fellow parade organizer Patricia Hurley came and found us and led us to the front of the parade, where we were one of the first to march off (after the “Hello from Doo Dah” guy, Doo Dah parade house band “Snotty Scotty & the Hankies” and the furries group).

My bubble gun ran out of bubble juice just before we stepped off; fortunately, Fester Claus (the Doo Dah parade’s own Uncle Fester, in a Santa suit this year) filled me up from his stash.

The crowd loved us: Nurse Chizel was ever-popular with the giant megaphone, catching tortillas tossed from the crowd, and of course everyone wanted photos of The Sky Marshal and his rack of medals. Interacting and playing with the audience is part of the fun, and of course we handed out BOXLOADS of propaganda! We had so much fun, we went around the parade route a second time! A great time was had by all, and we’re looking forward to Year Six next year!

Thank you The Sky Marshal, YJ for the great report and TechiefIve for the photos!
*salutes* and thank you to everyone who went to Doo Dah this year and for showing such wonderful Toy Soldier Spirit! :D

2014 Autumn Mondocon TSU invasion!!

Oct 24, 2014

Mondocon-invasion autum-banner

Mission report

We wanted to make something different than the usual mission reports, so this time, we not just made a simply report. We made a video for you to all the Toy Soldiers. The 2014 Fall’s Mondocon invasion, by the Hungarians. I hope you will like it!

But we don’t want to leave you without pictures, do we? :3

Here is the table we got and the way we decorated it.

Opposing to our expectations, we had visitors. Quite a lot, actually.

Some of them became Toy Soldiers instantly and helped us in the work.

We also had some fun moments.

And this is our little team in the end of the first day.


And that’s all for now.
Thanks for all participant Toy Soldiers, and the Mondocon Staff for the table!
Toy Soldiers:
Col. Helix Narr
Prof. Sorler
Kyuvine Emerald
Dr. Bear
Professeur Main Géante
Last, but not least, every freshly registered Toy Soldier!

2014 Summer Mondocon Toy Soldier Invasion!!

Jul 27, 2014
Mondocon invasion banner

Mondocon invasion banner

Mission report!

We met with our fellow soldiers at 10:15. We greeted the freshly enlisted members.

pic 1
Pic 2

Luckily we had a few more uniform parts on us, so we could raise our numbers up to 2 soldiers, 2 engineers and a nurse and She joined later on in the progress of the invasion. We started to make propaganda. We had the papers and scissors, so it was about time to pick up our uniforms, and give every soldier the proper amount of propaganda.

Pic 3

At first, we have dealt with a little problem with the tribution…

Pic 4

But I explained where is the right side is. ^^

Pic 5

But finally prepared…

Pic 6

And the invasion started.
The first inquiring man was Darth Maul itself.
He got his propaganda and agreed to take a photo with me. The others were a bit shy at first.

Pic 7

First we were hunting League of Legends champions.
Lucky enough, Jinx and Caitlyn shown no resistance.

Pic 8
Pic 9

And as we marched forward it was only a matter of time that we find the signs of another army. It was the 501st legin of the stormtrooper army. We finally got an agreement. The Galaxy is theirs, the World is ours.

Pic 10
Pic 11

Our professor happened to find an ancient warrior. He was searching for an army, or something. We sent him back to his time. He was thankful, and promised to help us in the propaganda in
his own millennia.

Pic 12

In the way we find another survivor. We told him about the best place in the ruined land…The Utopian Playland!

Pic 13
Pic 14

But some think we are evil… So we made proof we are friendly and good men! Everyone loves animals, as we are! :3

Pic 15

To our big supprise, someone was looking for us. The translation of the sign is: ‘We are looking for idiots!’

Pic 16

But the con was about to end, and we still had many propaganda in us. Luckily, here came the con train! People were happy to take one of our leaflets or manifestos.

Pic 17

The invasion was a big success! #1115 already have 4 new soldiers by this time.

Mission report by:
Toy Soldier Helix Narr

Participant soldiers:
‘Helix Narr’ Ádám Vanyó
‘Sorler’ Krisztián Pintér
‘Dante’ Máté Barkóczi
‘Sefi’ Gergely Sefcsik
Csilla Molnár

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