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The 6th Annual Doo Dah Parade Invasion!

This report just in from: The Sky Marshal

We few, we happy few, we band of Toy Soldiers! TSU invaded the


Pasadena Doo Dah parade for the sixth time this past Nov. 22nd! (For those unfamiliar with the parade: it is considered the “twisted sister” of the famous Rose Bowl parade, an irreverent……

Toy Soldier of the Week: Engineer RAD!!

This week’s Toy Soldier of the Week is Engineer RAD! He marched with 10,000 others through Belfast demanding that same-sex marriage be made legal. He also gave a speech on stage to everyone who attended the event.
Read all about it here!
This is a fine example of a Toy Soldier standing up for……

Toy Soldier of the Week: Cap’n C. Worthy!

This week’s Toy Soldier of the Week is the Astounding Cap’n C. Worthy! For months now he has been creating short videos and posting them to youtube on his channel “The Adventures of Cap’n C. Worthy” They are very fun to watch and they are definitely a Toy Soldiers brand of humor! So……

Toy Soldier of the Week: Korporal Kopper!

This Weeks Toy Soldier of the Week is Korporal Kopper! He and Scout Jade embarked on an adventure they called:Operation Zoo Recon DSM1!! Please read all about this tactical playtime mission in the post! See the pictures! Embrace the fun!:D
Thank you for your Wonderful report Korporal Kopper, and your lovely scout Jade!……

Toy Soldier of the Week: Engineer Airhead YJ!!!

This week’s Toy Soldier of the week is the amazing Engineer Airhead!
Last year he hosted the charity drive Operation: TSU Gaming Marathon! This year he co-hosted it and put in just as much effort! He kept the Minecraft channel going the whole weekend and helped raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society

Toy Soldier of the week: Lt. Sophie!!!

This week’s Toy Soldier of the week is the incredible Lt. Sophie She did an amazing job at organizing and executing this year’s Operation: TSU Gaming Marathon! Starting this last Friday, She along with many……

Lancaster Christmas Parade Invasion 2014!!

Another fine report from the Parade King The Sky Marshal, YJ

Lancaster Christmas Parade Invasion

Five years after being asked to leave the Antelope Valley Fair during the 1123rd’s ill-fated invasion to see Weird Al Yankovic, the Toy Soldiers are back in the AV, and in a bold way! The newly formed 661st Desert Foxes, which……


OPERATION DOO DAHMINATION: The Fifth Annual DOO DAH Invasion, was an amazing success! We had people from as far as Buena Park to the south and California City to the north! We all got there a couple of……

2014 Autumn Mondocon TSU invasion!!

Mission report

We wanted to make something different than the usual mission reports, so this time, we not just made a simply report. We made a video for you to all the Toy Soldiers. The 2014 Fall’s Mondocon invasion,……

2014 Summer Mondocon Toy Soldier Invasion!!

Mondocon invasion banner

Mission report!

We met with our fellow soldiers at 10:15. We greeted the freshly enlisted members.