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The Toymas Spectacular – Danov Valravn

TSUzie was anxious.
Toymas was here and yet Danov and Amber had not made any preparations.

Danov was ranting and raging about the disappearance of the Hot Dog Man and Amber was once again lost in the throes of creation, forming some new masterpiece in the warren that was her……

#512 – Waterratten invade Germany

Operation: Invade Zee Germans

Participants: #512-Waterratten Taskforce consisting of: Engineer Airhead, Delina and Gonzo

Objective: Take over Lt. Sophie and Silent Addle’s apartment for games, photoshoots and shenanigans.

It was 11am in the morning on the 21st of August 2015. It was a very hot day. Gonzo was waiting at……


The anomaly was first discovered by one of the Codemonkeys while running through a regular update check on the main Virtual Access Portal [V.A.P.] to the Digital Bunker. According to the Codemonkey report -covered in dirt, monkey excrements and a banana peel- the upgrade terminal was insisting on rolling back to a previous version. The reason……

Lost and Found

Lost & Found

The lost and found office located on floor 5-B corridor 23 has been abandoned for a long time now. Back then, when there were tens of thousands of Toy Soldiers marching the halls it was a different story… So many people, so much mess. Lost pets, wallets, ID-cards – heck you can even find some……

The Mechanical Debacle – Prequel

Mechanical Debacle Prequel


Hamster King George looked up from his scavenging, pointing his ears in the direction the echoes seemed to originate from. George was curious, but generally careful when it came to things his little hamster brain didn’t understand. Even though hamsters in the bunker have quite a high tolerance for……



Bright room. White, cannot move, cannot see. I hear movement.


Where am I, last thing I remember is walking through the halls, looking for… Was I looking for something?  I saw a human there, did he have something to do with my predicament?




Whilst going through the frequencies on the radio I came across a channel transmitting in Russian. Below is an excerpt of what I picked up and got through the translation device.


The transmission ended abruptly, returned to static noise for 20 seconds or so, until I heard……

Utopian Space Station – Episode 1

Utopian Space Station Banner

The radio frequency breaking through from the future continues, with this transmission from the Utopian Space Station under the control of Commander Gonzo.

Weather: Professor Elemental – Sir, you are being hunted!



I suddenly notice I’m walking through an empty hallway, I do not remember what I am doing here. Come to think of it, who am I?

*looks at arms*

They’re made of metal, am I a robot?

*moves arms and listens to servo motors being activated*

Apparently I am, now what? I can’t remember being a robot, what do I do,……

The Mechanical Debacle [Part 3]

I followed the hamster through the corridors and some very tight maintenance shafts which ended in a dimly lit room. The room was full of hamster wheels and other toys, an automated food dispersal system and small hamster tunnels running in every direction. Even though this clearly looked like the hamster’s mess hall (or whatever……