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Dr. Malice & The Absinthetic Orchestra presents: Watch Children

1 5 years ago

Watch Children,” the second full-length album from Dr. Malice & The Absinthetic Orchestra, is as weird and as wonderful as you would expect the follow-up to their debut album to be. From the opening chords of the dramatic Industrial-inspired “In This Space,” to the off-kilter funk of “Jellyfish Holiday”, and throughout the silly sci-fi of “Rubber Ducks,” Dr. Malice & The Absinthetic Orchestra delivers the Fun and creative experience you’ve come to know and love! Downloading the full album not only provides you with auditory enjoyment in the form of the music, but it also gets you all the album artwork, as well as a PDF of the lyrics, and other exclusive items, such as artwork, early versions of songs, concepts, and a special Thank You.

Download it now on our Bandcamp page!



    Dr Malice still got it!

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