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Is it Christmas yet!? – Annual Toymas card exchange

2 6 years ago

Are you ready to get creative?
Do you feel like cheering up people around the world?
Is the grass greener on the other side?

If you answered none of the question above with YES, then we ask you to sign up for the annual Toymas card exchange!

But Airhead, how do we sign up for this awesome event?

That’s quite simple!
You follow all the instructions on *this* forum post and wait for a bit :D

Why so early?

International shipping, that’s why!
It can take up to a few weeks for any letter to get to any corner of the world.
And sinse we have members all over the place, and shipping is a lot easier when you can do it in bulk, it’s safer to have this prepared well in advance :)

We have more questions!

Ask whatever you need in the forum post, so that everyone can see it ;)


  1. Geoff Nicholson

    The cards have started flowing in! Happy Holiday Season for all!

  2. Lucanaii

    I’ll be a rebel and post a comment here :^)

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