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Return of the armory!

4 6 years ago

Okay, don’t look at the picture… We’re not selling any Nerf guns in the armory (yet)!
BUT!!! The big maintenance from yesterday has finally been concluded and the armory is back online!

Small issue though… If you had a special account for the armory with order history or stuff like that, then you’ve now lost that.
Reason for this, is that the armory and the TSU website didn’t share the same core, and as such resulted in a lot of duplicate systems having to be maintained and kept up to date.
We’ve moved all the products to the new location, but were unable to do this for accounts because of conflicts in our massive (close to 5000) user list within the TSU.

But what if I really want my order history?

Don’t worry, we have backups of our backups for these kind of questions ;)
Send me an email (or poke me over Discord) with any kind of information you can provide, and I’ll look up your history.
I might even try and hook this up into the new system, but that’s something for a later point!

But everything is out of stock, how do I order now?

Yeah, that’s issue number 2…
Unlike Dutch, I’m doing all this TSU stuff in the weekends or after work.
Which gives me less time to commit into the TSU and now the armory as well.
The main reason everything is out of stock at this moment, is because I still have to recalculate the shipping costs and the prices for the products.
Because we need to ship from a new location and with a new currency, we can’t keep this the way it was before.

Fair point, but when can we expect the armory to be back for 100%?

That’s a tough one. Shipping from the Netherlands isn’t a simple thing (something with USA customs and rules).
And the T-Shirts still need to arrive here before I can add those back on stock.
For the products that were already out of stock, I will have to find a local company that can provide me with the same quality product that we had before.
It’s a lot to take care of, but I really do hope to finish this within the next few weeks!

Be sure to keep an eye out for further Armory updates ;)


  1. Howard Mob

    when will the standard issue kit be in? I’ll spend all my money on that blin!

  2. Dr. Malice

    So I’m sure you remember when the Armory had Uniform Suggestions with links to Amazon.

    Why not bring that concept back, so that there can be something there, even if it’s just a placeholder?

    • Engineer Airhead

      That is a good point.
      If you have some recommendations / links, please send them over!

      I can add them to the links in the sidebar :)

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