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What’s in a pipeline – Mad Monkey Maintenance inc.

0 7 years ago

6 months without an update !?
How dare I !!!

Yes, it has been a while since my last update.
A lot of things had to be taken care of. And therefore, a lot has been pushed forward.
That being mentioned, we have done a lot of improvements to the website!

  • Website has been moved to a different host!
  • Speed has been improved by moving to said host and implementing Cloudflare!
  • Security has been improved by implementing more spam filters!
  • More exclamation marks are being added to list items!!!
  • Uptime is being monitored for faster responses when the site goes down!
  • Ideas are being drawn for a new Division system!
  • Monkeys are being trained to train lions, so they can hunt the hamsters that have been roaming free in the bunker.
    Because let’s face it… Even a monkey could do that… Or this is the moment to find out!

As for the things I still need to work on:

  • Improved division system.

Let’s be fair… It has been a long while since I’ve build the current system.
And it looks really weird compared to the rest of the website.
Which is why I’ve created a suggestion box!!! ← Seriously! Let me know what you want!

If you find any issue with the website, please send us a Bug Report through the forums (← that link over there) or through Discord.
I will try to come back with regular updates. But just like 6 months ago, I will make no false promises!

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